Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Cars at the Uganda Vintage and Classic Auto Show 2017

 July 29, 2017 was a special Saturday in the life of Ugandan car lovers. At exactly 10:00am, Sheraton Hotel started to receive guests turning up for the Uganda Vintage and Classic Auto Show 2017.

Side profile of a 1965 Mercedes Benz

The annual event is in it's sixth year and 2017 probably had more entries than have ever entered the show.
Gates just opened for the 2017 Ugandan auto show

While shows like the 2013 edition this blogger attended had been dominated by classic Mercedes Benzes and Volkswagen Kombis,' there are now just as many Toyotas', Jaguars and American car brands like Ford. In fact, a yearly entrant is a rare Ford Model A.

Preferential attendant Ford Model A

Sure the theme of classic or vintage wear attracted a somewhat eccentric dress sense among a few guests that turned up, but mostly the event has started to become a true enthusiasts gathering.

1957 Mercedes Benz 190SL

The 2017 show was mostly about the cars and those who wanted a chance to look at them closely turned up relatively early though the show ended somewhere after 9:00pm. Why would a car show wind up so late in the dark in poorly lit Kampala? Because every social event must come with an appetizer of music performance, for this year Madoxx Ssematimba was the main artist.

I was there for the cars, and cars galore I got. Not even the thirty minute downpour after 1pm, soggy Sheraton Gardens grass and all, could stop the enchanted hours long walkaround.

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