Friday, January 02, 2015

Waiter, More Music From These Ugandans

2015 is here I would like to listen to Ugandan music again. I have not tried to listen to any since 2011.

I know who I want to hear from more.

Henry Tigan (put down the weed, pick up the mic. You have too much talent to leave us with singles, no cohesive album. I’m talking to you too Maddox Ssematimba. Show up, give us music we can replay.)

David Lutalo (never got a chance to enjoy this balladeer because mainstream radio play lists rarely ever gave his music in Luganda a chance. He was hardly ever on TV because he did not shoot too many music videos. Ugandan chanteuse Juliana Kanyomozi, asked, once said Lutalo had the best male voice among Ugandan musicians.)

Jamal Wasswa (I don’t want to believe you’re a one trick pony, have one song in you: women are heroic. They are, but there is more under the Ugandan sun to sing about and I hope in 2015 you show you have range. Averse to publicity, intensely private, Jamal can surprise and I hope in 2015 he does. In a good way).

Maurice Kirya (I hope for music finally from Kirya as interesting as the ideas that fall so easily from his lips. A few times he has fleshed a song with themes Ugandan song writers seem unaware exist: the Ugandan immigrant experience, a good Coffee cup experience) but too often he retreats from his own profundity. I hope in 2015, it is not just hard-core Kirya fans who know this singer can be a reckless frontline revolutionary).

Tshila (Her Sippin’ from the Nile is among the strongest music albums ever crafted by a Ugandan musician. That was nearly a decade again. She may not have the most powerful voice but she knows how to make the most of what she was gifted with. Don’t keep us waiting longer than Sade, Tshila. We need you. I need more new music from you). 

Naava Grey (Prefers to let her music be her presence everywhere. More productive than Tshila, I hope in 2015 Grey will be heard by more music lovers. She is a special pleasure to listen to.) 


Joel Benjamin Ntwatwa said...

Will return to this list if I make it to this date next year.

daily dock said...

my best uganda artist is madox,hope to listen from him soon
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