Thursday, February 02, 2012

February Surprise, Umeme, Uganda, Promises

What’s really surprised me this year so far? 

There are people who are actually waiting for February to get midway and then the electricityproblem Uganda faces will magically be no more. We will have electricity 24/7. There will be no more loadshedding. We will be able to name-check events in our calendars not according to the UMEME loadshedding timetable anymore but according the significance of certain dates in our lives. 

There are people who firmly believe when the Bujagali hydropower dam begins humming into life a few extra MW, life in Uganda is going to be so much better. This switching on of extra turbines will be the harbinger of hit refresh button in Ugandan life. 

There not just still a few believers in the promises of the Ugandan government. It came to me, clean shaving my head, that the believers are the majority. It surprised me. It left me bald in surprise.


kollinsayz said...

Funny...glad am not the only one who finds that sarcastic

Iwaya said...

@Kollinsayz-I'm certain there is a whole legion of us who heard those pronouncements and shrugged in weariness! Just waiting for ahems-and ahas-as yet another explanation is concocted as to why we cannot finally do away with blackouts.

Infact during the meet parliament Umeme session-directors hinted that we may soon be facing even more loadshedding because some "turbine" has got a mechanical fault.

Stephina Suzzane said...

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