Thursday, October 13, 2011

GNL Zamba & Mun*G Sept 08, 2010-A Year Back When...

GNL & Mun*G-English Voca

1.       When we still had to do interviews inside a Hiace Van in the parking lot because it would have been way too expensive for a crew to sit at a Kisementi restaurant and 30 minute chat.  

2.       When GNL Zamba, recently split from Shadrack Kutesa’s Platinum Entertainment was trying to sell to sceptics the Baboon Forest Entertainment group and kept throwing Genghis Khan references in his conversation.  

3.       When Mun’G and Big Tril still had to explain who they are, new Baboon Forest entrants, but did they have to be there for every GNL Zamba interview. Yes, GNL would roar, they’re my boys. 

4.       When Mun’G was still a High School act, talking about songs he claimed were burning up the chats but most journalists, 10 or more years out of the high school scene, had never heard of, privately wondered if he and Big Tril were not GNL Zamba hangers-on. 

5.       Mun’G before Gira Tugire...more popularly known as Kyaba Too Much, adulterated in Airtel Uganda adverts as Kyaba too good...

6.       Before some Ugandan music industry watchers began to ask aloud, “But isn’t Mun’G better than GNL Zamba? Me I like Mun’G. He is so funny.” Like GNL Zamba was not funny to begin with, or had suddenly lost his humour, in becoming a CEO of Baboon Forest Entertainment. GNL shrugging them off, “Everybody takes shots at the boss.” 

7.       In the aftermath of Koyi Koyi: The Legend of Zamba, GNL still lost, his Speaking Vernacular album on the burner, unsure what to follow it up with, with 99 problems on his mind from allegations of beating up his girlfriend to club altercations with a girl who claimed she had been his lover, sponsor-what a year! 

8.       A blogger rediscovering his love of blogging, from of all people, his interview subjects, quoting lines from blog posts of the past they had read and liked, were wondering, “What’s up? Why you not blogging?” September 2010, what a year, seriously considering a shop keeper’s career, it was surely much better than having only M&C, GNL shocked, “How can you even think of giving up?” Ugandan success stories come from far!

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Sybella said...

how the time flies by... indeed we come from far...