Thursday, September 01, 2011

Why should you attend a Maurice Kirya Concert?

1.       Good Music. Even some really great music, especially if you have had the rare privilege to attend those infrequent Maurice Kirya live gig parties he sometimes throws for his fans. This guy has more unreleased fantastic music than he has already put out and a live show is a chance to hear it still being fine-tuned, the scaffolding going up. It is an experience you will never forget.

2.       Live Performance. One of Maurice’s strongest points, long before he found his musical ‘voice & direction’ (he claims to be creating a Ugandan version of Soul music, Mwooyo), Kirya always got props for insisting on ‘performing live.’ No miming to CD playback kind of performances. The best thing about Kirya’s live performances is that no performance of a single song is ever the same, at least not the performances this blogger has watched and listened to. Kirya actually responds to the crowd or people listening and engages.

3.       While he’s still affordable. Yeah, I know Ushs. 50,000 looks like a lot right now. Especially in these economic times, but Maurice is going places. Those CNN/BBC interviews are only a taste of a musician who is going to ‘steal’ the face of Ugandan music to the greater world. Right now you stroll into Serena Hotel and watch him live. One day the best we can do is tell the kids, ‘Ah, I was there when he was starting out….’ And they will be unable to tell whether it is the whiskey or you are getting old! 

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