Friday, September 02, 2011

Maurice kirya in Concert at Serena-LIVE UPDATES

11:07pm-Kiwedde. The concert is at an end. Happy Mingle time as who goes with who home gets decided. You can live off this euphoria for days, weeks even. 

10:53pm-What's Maurice Kirya's motto, directly a spin off from his Misubbaawa album? TWAAKKE! From all we are reading and following, Huge Success, this Maurice Kirya concert. He did not just give off a warm cuddly candle light-he shone! 

10:44pm-Reviews of the show flooding in at #Kiryalive trend, from the "dreamy" descriptions, you would think this was more than just a concert! 

10:15pm-The Kiryas' are taking over. Okay, some in the crowd are mouthing, "They're brothers?" with Vampino coming on stage, like something's not right. LOL! Yes, they are! Not musical brothers just, blood brothers, mama omu! #Kiryalive. In fact it is only when Vampino was roughed up by Jose Chameleone outside a club sometime back, just when Vampino's song Kwekunya Kunya was blazing hot that Maurice temporarily lost his public cool temper persona and wanted to go native, fists and facebook wars! 

10:12pm-With a real 'boda boda' on stage, Maurice is now revving up the crowd for the song that has been yelled at him and requested like oba how many times. He just did an accapella that blew away the crowd, too used to being fed on CD playback. Now I really wish I had recorded that rehearsal I attended! #Kiryalive. 

9:40pm-Maurice Kirya was 'famously celibate' for some six months and more in 2010 (this blogger reported on it), getting over a relationship gone a little haywire and concentrating on his music. The screams from the women in the audience, very doubtful he is going to remain so, if he still is celibate. NO. WAY. 

9:30pm-'Twitreporter' Mark Keith Muhumuza just confirmed that special musical guest Valerie Kimani is in the house, looking very delectable & now let her sing! 

9:05pm-Did you need a full confirmation of the erotic mayhem being unleashed at Serena Hotel by Maurice Kirya and his gang. Our 'twitreporter' Brentaka confirms all with her latest tweet, "When he starts singing, my heart beats like its going to jump outta my chest! Goosebumps! #KiryaLive" 

9:00pm-Further 'twitreport' from Natabaalo, let's quote this, "Two crazy chicks just made placards that say they love Maurice Kirya, oh my. Ha!" 

8:47pm-Grace Natabaalo just tweeted from #Kiryalive "Maurice Kirya killing the women at his show. They won't stop screaming. Hehe..." 

8:42pm-It's going to be like celebrity listing time up in here, but Blu*3 singer and Sundowners leadsinger/boss Lillian Mbabazi just confirmed she is in the house at Serena bathing in the Mwooyo music. Soon the question is going to be-who is not here? 

8:29pm-Are you at the #Kiryalive concert at Serena-tweeps are playing a "Where are you seated" game as the concert gets under-way. Connections are going to be made tonight, hey maybe even our first tweep baby 9 months later. 

8:27pm-Gorgeous NBS TV morning news anchor Joy Doreen Biira is also #Kiryalive! She says, "It's a cold Friday night but where I'm it's blazing hot!" 

8:21pm-We have our first pix from #Kiryalive from our trusty 'twitreporter' all purpose Jack Onyait of what is happening at the Kirya concert. Already on! Looking good! 

7:48pm-In press interviews before the concert, Maurice promised that there would be no 'curtain raisers'-musician code speak for buying time as more patrons stream in, sometimes to cover up for a small back catalogue. Will he keep his word? Waiting...

7:29pm-Michael Niyitegeka is hinting that there are surprise basket goodies awaiting lucky Maurice Kirya concert guests. Trying to find out what they be! 

7:25pm-Tip for first time concert goers-always go early! Don't listen to the last minute arrivals talk mbu it makes you look important or whatever. The jam can be murder! As Siima has pointed out. Especially if the artist performing is in demand. The buzz around Maurice Kirya has been building for years and it is reaching a hard-to-ignore crescendo. No brainer there would be heavy traffic on roads to the venue. And especially on a Friday-when most concerts are held. 

7:17pm-Shouts at the lovely Siima whose at Maurice Kirya concert! We are following her on twitter. 

7:15pm-Boda Boda seems to be a favourite of many Kirya followers on twitter and facebook. Beemola too...

7:09pm- From Onyait, we are assured security is high priority. Even sniffer dogs are being used to ensure no Al-Shabab chaps turn up. 

7:04pm-It's been a drizzly, wet afternoon, it's still quite cold, but that surely should not be an issue for those who turn up for the Kirya Serena concert. I mean it is a very comfy, sound proofed hall,and from the pix so far I've seen-warm and intimate. Like sipping coffee to fantastic sounds. Envying the guests! 

6:58pm-Word on the street is that the jam in town is real hectic. 2 big concerts in town at the same time. Maurice Kirya's at Serena and Jose Chameleone's Omukisa Gwo at Hotel Africana. 

6:51pm-Oh, by the way, that Mr. SoUg tag, Tom-The Mith-Mayanja came up with it, I believe. He is live in Serena tonight too! Kirya describes his brand of music as Mwooyo... 

6:51pm-In case you missed the call out, Kirya is taking last minute song requests at his twitter page, & his facebook page. You are still in time to let Mr. SoUg know what you want to hear tonight! 

6:45pm-If you are having issues with keeping up with all the tweets, or even worse can't be at the Maurice Kirya concert at Serena live, we got you covered! We are doing the stress of keeping up with all the tweeps and messages coming through blogger so you do not have to miss the occasion entirely!

6:30pm-Maurice Kirya is in concert today at Serena Hotel. Did you miss the memo? Hope not. We at M&C were supposed to be there-in person, stuff has got in the way. 

But if there is anything learned from Maurice Kirya, stuff gets in the way-find a way around it! 

We have. Going to follow the concert online, with the help of some tweeps who are there! 


IT Barbie said...

That is a good tweet story...hope you made a little tweep after. LOL! Nice blog you have here.


Carlo Kutesa said...

9:00pm from Natabaalo: Crazy chicks? CRAZY CHICKS??!!!!! We're not crazy, we're in love. There's a difference. :-D

Iwaya said...

@IT Barbie-LOL! Thanks! It was just enjoyable writing too! Over to check out yours...

@Carlo-You guys with all the love you are showering Maurice are on the way to making him Uganda's first 'modern' sex symbol, eh!