Friday, June 10, 2011

A short tale of two strangers in Uganda

We were strangers once, two kids from families so disparate everyone wondered what was the attraction, would it last. You had your reasons, I had mine, like everyone brings to relationships. 

I did not know yours (in hindsight, bitterly) I like to believe to you misled me into revealing my own reasons too early (showed you my hand and you have had me forever-no matter what you do, you know I can never really leave. 

You on the other hand always believed in having choices, options-I was not your only (even from the beginning) you were just better at disguising it then, trying harder than you do today. 

But I loved you, oh God help me, I loved you madly enough to believe in more than my own Gods, my family and myself. I saw the world because of you. 

Am I being sentimental and a fool? There was a time when I didn’t even think that, worry about it at all, pleasing you  was all that concerned me (I thought). 

Now we are back to where we started, two strangers, shyly shaking hands, before wondering, jig-saw puzzle eyes. Circling the obvious, ticking the boxes of the unimaginative, working the pattern, trying to figure out what keeps us going, what keeps us together. 

But you and I remember, you’ve kept the secret, like I have.

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L.A. said...

this so resonates with me...i feel like i'm goin through the same thing...