Thursday, June 23, 2011

BNP, a love Note, Will you be there?

There are many excuses not do something that costs money, right now. Something that distracts you from dedicating yourself ever more to eyes on the ground, watching for the cracks in the sidewalks, hoping to spot a stray gold bitano coin no one else has yet seen and make it all yours. Heck, I have reached for the excuses myself more than once or twice-economic downturn, recession, increasing fuel prices-to put a halt to activities that threatened to further reduce my wallet to a decoration in my front pocket.

I should have known though nothing would deter BNP organizer and founder Beverley Nambozo Nsengiyunva. Nothing did last year, after all. When the threat was greater, more immediate, and not many were willing to crane their necks outdoors after 8pm, when the devastating twin Kampala terrorist bombs had gone off, in an instant reminding Kampala it is not so far off from turning into another Beirut, another Jerusalem. Even then, in 2010, after those bombs, Beverley had bravely planned, found some interested parties, and put on her BNP awards that seek to tear poetry from dusty library pages and get poetry loving graffiti all over the city, into our everyday lives, GNL rhyme droppers.

I don’t know why I should have been surprised at all that with the just ‘ended’ February 18 general elections that ‘cleaned’ us all out, the April Walk-to Work demonstrations (riots?) where we all have our own harrowing narrow escapes to narrate, the ever rising fuel prices that have made some of us re-find our love of walking longer distances ‘Kale, I had no idea Kampala still has stars in the sky at night,’ & no one I know (who is not an MP) has talked of a salary increment at work. What don’t you know, even BNP’s patron Rebecca Kadaga has eaten so big (becoming the first Ugandan female Speaker of Parliament, will she still have time for BNP?), Beverley could with all grace have been able to postpone or not hold a dinner BNP event at Kati Kati as she is going to do this July 1-just hold a digital award ceremony, and no one should nose turned up.

But no, not Beverley & not the BNP. They will be there. They are on. July 1st, Kati Kati restaurant. & even Iwaya’s ka-humble is now considered one of the sponsors. I had no idea love could lead to these big things! So I’m going to be there.

I’m going to be there because I love to meet new writers, people performing poetry. I’m going to be there because there are so many young/not so young writers I have never yet met in this town, and when I’m in that room it is like I’m on the I can talk about books page on FB and no one will find it ‘strange’ that instead of a blue pocket Bible with much referred to curled page ears, I carry a book that is obsessing me so much, I have had dreams of chats with the author. Like I chatted once with It’s Our Turn to Eat author Michela Wrong and found her no man hater, African despiser, but a passionate soul (what had I expected? Kyoka Iwaya!).

I’m going to be there, because at the BNP, July 1st, Kati Kati, I intend to make my first public speech, like I have not done in years. Since when last? Primary school? You can be there for that, at least. Delight in the crash or something. Or you could be there because BNP is a cultural event, an artistic soul liberating one, there are hot chics who love books (like Mildred Apenyo etc, just saying), and if you must date a guy writer (don’t, if you are female writer), Kati Kati July 1st will be happy hunting ground. (Wait! Won’t even Ishta be there? I hear she is in town. Kati, how can you miss? You even downloaded her YouTube videos, you shamless...) Kati if Princess Ikatekit & Scotchbiscuits could show up...see what BNP does?  Makes you dreamy with possibilities and fancies. Anything could happen. Nze wendi. My gunners, Joshua and 27th   (Tendo, Ivan, Nathan, Dalton, anyone?) you got to show face. Mukimanyi bulungi, we have revolutions to start & I’m a procrastinator when you guys are not there. Let’s do this!

Venue: Kati Kati restaurant, Murchision Hall 

Time: 18:00 hrs-21:00 hrs 

Day: Friday, 1st July, 2011  


petesmama said...

You left out the vital detail: what does it cost? Otherwise, I think no price is too high to come watch your almost maiden speech! said...

I wish there was a way I could attend or it could be broadcast online. Sigh.