Saturday, May 28, 2011

The True State of 'Things' in Uganda and Ugandan Politics

Can you spot who is the Vice President and who is the Secretary General of a political party in this photo?  Hard to believe but the Vice President (pre-May 12, 2011) is the guy in the cap almost doubling over to show respect to Amama Mbabazi, former Secretary General of the National Resistance Movement that rules over Uganda.

This photo was taken at a time when former Vice President Gilbert Bukenya was still in that office and Mbabazi was yet to be appointed Uganda’s Prime Minister. But all along Mbabazi had always had a moniker attached to his name, “The Super Minister” supposedly because he is so close to President Museveni and there was  a time when he simultaneously ran three vital offices. 

The photo however speaks volumes about who was the real power, still is...

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