Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Dr. Hilderman shop burned in Cham Towers Fire

There is a saying that when it rains, it really pours. This saying could not be truer for Ugandan musician Dr. Hilderman. Hilderman caused ripples in the Ugandan music industry last year when he announced that his Amelia song had been partly inspired by Ugandan President Museveni’s former Principal Private Secretary Amelia Kyambadde. Kyambadde had just then announced her MP candidature to represent Mawokotta.
Well, after successfully backing Kyambadde in her campaigns, word on the street was that Dr. Hilderman had been handsomely compensated to the tune of several millions. Unfortunately Dr. Hilderman did not have opportunity to bask in his good fortune as his father shortly passed away at the beginning of 2011. Right after Dr. Hilderman had held his first album launch at Kati Kati. 

Now we learn that more tragedy has befallen the musician. The musician saw much of his business investment go up in smoke when several shops on the ground floor of Cham Towers were gutted by an early morning fire on Friday, March 11. The fire destroyed more than 20 shops that specialized in computer and office hardware. Dr. Hilderman’s fledgling business Tuku Investments was housed in one of those shops as Shop No.10. 

The musician and his partner had just taken out an 18 million Uganda shilling loan with the Housing Finance bank Uganda to expand their one and a half year old business. The business partners had also just secured several lucrative deals to supply office material in a bigger consignment than they normally received. Pole Dr. Hilderman!

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