Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ks Alpha joins the Ring tone business

Surely if many enough people are doing it, there must be a way they are making money off of it. Or maybe it’s just a way of forestalling being cheated? Ugandan dancehall musician Ks Alpha is the latest to join a long line of artists to join the bandwagon of partnering with a telecom company to sell ring tones of his songs.

Ks Alpha’s choice of telecom to do this is Airtel (better known as former Zain, after it was former Celtel...we could go on!). To get Alpha’s songs as your ring tone....
Ks Alpha going places

AIRTEL Customers can now get Ks Alpha Tunez
To load a tune, SMS GET (TUNE ID) TO 424, eg GET 100704 send to 424
-100704 Selector Ks alpha
-100678 Muzik Ks Alpha
-100722 Waistline Ks Alpha Ft. Tanto Metro
...-100644 Conquerer Ks Alpha
-100721 Ugandan gal Ks Alpha
-100652 Ekyana Ks Alpha

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