Thursday, February 10, 2011

Big Tym go a little bit more big time

Big Tyme
A few months back, on a visit to Sylver Kyagulanyi’s studio in Ntinda, this blogger bumped into a group of three young singers rehearsing in the compound. Crowded under a palm tree from the searing afternoon heat, on the grass, they were playing wistful tunes on the guitar and then writing out some lines on crumpled pieces of paper. I was instantly struck by their voices. Came to learn they called themselves Big Tym. 

Actually, I should have recognised them instantly because they had a ‘big’ song for starters in the industry. Only that their ‘big’ song, many of us thought belonged to then the sensation of the town, Rabadaba in 2010-Sofia. The song was Sofia, and the these Big Tym guys were hat wearing, cowboy posturing guys whose antics distracted a listener from actually ‘hearing’ their voices. 

It was not until that fortuitous afternoon and later with their Apple song, that Big Tym suddenly became big time with this blogger. Their uniqueness made it easy to resist calling them Uganda’s version of Boyz II Men or some other such crooning boy group. Though they have female stalkers and they are far from bad looking. 

It is no surprise then to learn that the Big Tym guys have finally landed another coveted notch on the way to being Ugandan musical stars: a night of their own at an entertainment joint. Big Tym can now be heard every Wednesday night at Spot After, which is in Ntinda, after KK Health club. Their first gig in the joint was actually on Wednesday, 9th February, 2010. 

I’ve learned from their manager that they are definitely planning bigger things. I’ll keep you all updated! 


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