Friday, January 07, 2011

Jackie Chandiru shoots video with live python

How many Ugandan music videos can I say I have looked forward to watching? Let’s keep it short-say just from 2010. Of the hundreds of music videos released by Ugandan musicians: not many. 

I remember wanting to see the Eddy Kenzo Stamina remix video, I remember watching TV music programmes all the time because I hoped one would show Vampino & Goodlyfe boys Kwekunyakunya music video. Who was not on tenterhooks to watch how Bebe Cool would shoot his wildly popular Kasepiki video (and did not disappoint! That video was one of Bebe’s best, and I have not known him for shooting especially good videos). Just a few! 

I had the great good luck to hear Jackie Chandiru sing Agaasi live before I even knew she was planning a solo career, so you can imagine how much I could hardly wait to see the video. The vampire dark night motif she took with Agaasi could not ruin the song for me. And because Agaasi was so good, I have been waiting and waiting to see what she follows it up with. Here it comes: Overdose. That’s the name of the song. 

But it’s not the song that’s got me intrigued. It’s the leaking details of the video shoot for Overdose that have got me wondering how it is going to look. Overdose video was shot by Jah Live (new to the music video game-like three years old on the scene now) and during the shooting of the video, a live python from the Uganda Reptile Centre in Entebbe was on set! Not only that, but the reptile got cosy with Chandiru who cavorts with it. We have the pictures to prove it!

Jackie Chandiru's reptilian friend
This is a video I want to watch, must watch!


kiki said...

unbelievable!can hardly wait for the video,though!!

smelling the coffee said...

I know this is so unrelated but how do I get the rain falling background?

The 27th Comrade said...

That is our Entebbe home-boy. See, Entebbe rocks like that.

Iwaya said...

Me too-Kiki!

Coffee-it's a free template available on blogger, just go to your blog template designs and you will spot it.

27th Comrade-snakes!!!!!!!!!!!!