Friday, January 14, 2011

Follow Up on the ‘Juliana Kanyomozi Facebook account ‘robbed’

Juliana not happy with Facebook right now
It gets stranger and stranger, and a little scary. Just before putting up this post, counted the number of Juliana Kanyomozi Facebook accounts, and not counting the genuine Kanyomozi FB account, there are seven Juliana Kanyomozi accounts that the singer denies having anything to do with. In fact she says she too would have to ask to be ‘friended’ on them to have any sort of access to them. 

So what’s the big deal about Kanyomozi fans setting accounts in homage to their favourite female Ugandan singer? Because one of the account holders of the ‘fake’ Juliana Kanyomozi Facebook account has decided to fight back against the ‘real’ Juliana Kanyomozi. 

On January 5, 2011 at 5:58pm, this account holder posted, “Hello fans, plz have you realised that ppl are using my names illegally? This is the only fan page i did create. So plz what can i do?” 

On reading that, Juliana got in touch and rebutted, “oh my God when u get a minute look for one of the fake facebook pages (with a picture when im putting on a hood) this person actually writes messages to my fans on the wall n the reply cuz they think its me. the last one they've written is saying that so many people are using the juliana kanyomozi name on facebook illegally. and that that page is the only real one. This is scary. people r stealing my identity.” 

I read somewhere in an interview that Ugandan musician Sizzaman, he broke out with Mafaranga (though he is probably more known for his charade of a relationship with WBS TV Late Show presenter Pamela ‘Straka’ Mwezi), in his ‘spare time’ enjoys hacking and claims to be very good at it. Perhaps Juliana should give Sizzaman a call to sort out this little FB problem...

In other news...

Barbed Wire coming back soon 

Barbed Wire was a series of comedy skits shot for TV by comedy ensemble Theatre Factory founded by Philip Luswata. Barbed Wire, while it ran on NTV, throughout much of 2009 was immensely popular. It is actually the inspiration behind so many of the comedy ‘shows’ on most Ugandan TV channels. However all that came to a halt when Theatre Factory nearly fell apart when 10 core members walked out in December 2009 to go form Fun Factory. 

Shortly after, as the shell-shocked Theatre Factory management struggled to regroup and keep what was left of the ensemble functioning, Barbed Wire sort of petered out. Though through much of 2010, Luswata and co have insisted it was on the verge of a return with episodes already shot, this did not happen. 

Now news filtering out of the Uganda National Theatre based group is that Barbed Wire is not just on the cards again. It should be on your TV screens again. Perhaps because NTV signed up their comedy rival’s skit, U-Turn, Barbed Wire this time will be airing on national broadcaster Uganda Broadcasting Corporation. Barbed Wire apparently slated to begin airing next week. 

NOTE: Here’s to the hope that Barbed Wire will not be tossed, like NTV does with The Krackers’ Mic Check, into the late night. Somewhere past 10:45pm. And it will not be a ‘rip-off’ with 10 minutes of actual comedy with the other 20minutes spliced between commercial advertisements and advertisements of other shows Theatre Factory has going on. 

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