Friday, November 26, 2010

Who Should do the Clothes Off Remix with Michael Ross?

Ugandan musician Michael Ross (on Facebook you can find him as Michael Ross Kakooza) has confirmed to this blog that there will be a Clothes Off Remix. The musician, in a quite extensive interview said, “I’m going to do remix. Fans have been asking for it. I’ll be doing it with a female musician though I can’t you right now which female musician. Just wait!” 

Clothes On Michael Ross
The Clothes Off song, and especially the video, caused quite a stir when it when it was released earlier this year. Some music fans and purists thought Michael had gone a bit too far with the sexuality. If that was the case, it will be interesting to listen and hear to Clothes Off with a female voice in it, because Michael says, “In the remix, the girl will sing her version of Clothes Off for a guy.” Imagine that! 

Pressed though Michael was, he would not reveal who is going to feature on the Clothes Off remix. My money would be on Iryn Namubiru or Cindy (Cinderella Sanyu). Yes, I have left Juliana Kanyomozi, though she should be a hot contender, simply because she is quite caught up at the moment with her Tusker Project Fame 4 judge gig duties. And I have never heard a Juliana song where she came out with raw heat sexuality, unlike Iryn and Cindy who have quite a few in their catalogue. In Iryn’s case I could cite such ‘local’ scorchers like her Begombeko (in which she dares any chic to try and take her man...), her Sweet Kid collabo Gwe Ansanira, which just drips the desire of requited love! But then I have heard tracks (too little heard in Uganda) like Do You Ever Think of Me off her Yo’no album that ooze red hot sexuality enough to put her in the Toni Braxton league. 

Cindy, well, since she broke away from Blu3 in 2008, has been on a run that is remarkable. Gone is the shy, self conscious Cindy who sometimes would not utter a word in Blu3 interviews, to the chic who belts out Ayokyayokya and One and Only (which however much I tried, I just fell for!). Cindy has those hiccup cries enough to ensure her Clothes Off version would send the remix shooting up the charts, but then that’s just one opinion. 

So am I being unfair to Juliana? I mean there is no doubt that when it comes to emoting, on the Ugandan scene, she still has no challenger. I can’t count Samalie Matovu yet in the race until I have listened to an album length Samalie. So why shouldn’t Juliana be counted in the ‘race’ to do the Clothes Off remix, if her TPF 4 schedule allowed? Because as much as I’m in awe of Juliana’s vocal chops, I have not yet listened to a Juliana song where she is overtly, even aggressively, sexual. She has proven over and over she can do duets that are irresistible (if you have never listened to her Kidum duet Haturudi Nyuma, YouTube was created for such revelations). I’m just not sure how Juliana would fare emoting raw sexuality. 

Now you might say-scandalous! How can you leave out Desire Luzinda? Have you listened to her Wanji Baby duet with Dennis Rackla?  What about her duet with Mesach Ssemakula-Mubya Love? 

Well, this is why I’m glad I’m not Michael Ross! I won’t be doing the choosing. Michael will.


Mbabazi said...

please go to studio and record another hit instead of trying to suck the juice out of that song. if he tries i will start calling him "one and then another hit wonder".

Iwaya said...

So, uhmm, you don't like Clothes Off?

Remixes sometimes are the kick a song needs. Many radio listeners hardly notice, but that Stamina song of Eddie Kenzo only became a hit when a producer who calls himself Didi decided to remix it and add his special something!

Sleek said...

let's wait it out..i think both Iryn and Cindy would do some massive stuff on that one