Wednesday, November 17, 2010

DJ Michael is a father

Happy parents now-DJ Michael and Rona in July
A few months back, in July to be exact, I had the rare privilege of visiting musician DJ Michael (real names Michael Mugwanya) at home. Ugandan music lovers will instantly recognise DJ Michael for such songs as Muko Muko, Kwata Kwata and lately for his song Kiri Ok, which has popularised the greeting, ‘Kiri Kitya (How is it going?), Kiri Ok. (It’s Ok). 

In July (and this was before the black night of July 11, 2010), Michael was a troubled man. Not so much about his music career, which while it had taken a dip, he was certain would rise again. As Kiri Ok has slowly proven he was so right to be confident. Michael was a nervous, soon to be first time father because his long time girlfriend Rona Ndagire was pregnant. Michael wanted to state his side of a vicious rumour that was troubling his girlfriend and he feared might cause her to lose the pregnancy. 

On 11th November, 2010 at Nsambya Hospital, Rona gave birth to a baby girl they have decided to name Helly Mugwanya. Weighing 3.4 kilograms, there had been moments of anxiety as Rona had to deliver by caesarean section. But that was about it. DJ Michael and Rona are now first time parents! 

Baby photos in a bit!  

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