Thursday, October 21, 2010

Why I Will Be Attending Eddy Kenzo's Stamina Album Launch

I will be attending Eddy ‘Stamina’ Kenzo’s concert because...
Eddy Kenzo-that Stamina guy

  •  I knew Kenzo when he was still living a version of our ghetto slum life in Makindye, humbler than he will probably ever have to be again, and they had to mini fundraise in a panic to be able to buy a blank CD to ‘burn’ on his studio photos so I could take a copy. After buying the blank CD, then the task of coming up with money to ‘burn’ a version of the original CD at the video library shack near where he lived (poverty’s disguised humour!).

  •  I I had no understanding of what Kanye West meant when he rhymed/sang something to a girl that don’t leave that man, look in his eyes, he’s got that ambition, baby, until I meant Kenzo. Before he wrote and recorded Stamina. Right after his fall out with his Yanimba partner Mikie Wine, when everyone was telling him he had made a terrible mistake to break up such a promising partnership to go on his own. There may have been no food in the fridge, what??-there was no fridge to put any food in, but he talked of his Big Talent company like he was already living in the dream.

  •  Stamina-yeah, I have watched like three or four live performances of Kenzo performing that song and no performance ever seemed like he was just going through the motions. Many musicians will claim they love being on the stage, but I have learned, from endless live concert going, it does not necessarily mean they enjoy being on stage. Kenzo claimed he was happiest on stage-after the life he’s had, who wouldn’t?- and the performances I have seen, he really means it. Yes, I know what you think the song Stamina is about...mbu jangu nkulage...

  • Of course I also want to be there on a night, no matter how it turns out, changes things in the person’s life. This life being Kenzo’s. It is one of the ‘perks’, if you can call them that, of what I do-to be up-close, to be right in front of some people, when their worlds change, and I map, chart and follow the course of their emotions on their faces, in their body twitches, as they realise a dream is coming true or dying or deferred, or they go into drugged rejection of what they are seeing and hearing with their own eyes and ears. The entourage falls away, and if you have been there from the beginning, there is a look of understanding that passes between you and them that seals you, like a kiss almost. You don’t get it everyday.

So I will be there. For that Eddy Kenzo ‘Stamina’ album launch at Kati Kati on 22nd October 2010.


normzo said...

Enjoy the show.

To bad i know only two of his songs.. But lets say one is stuck with me.

Iwaya said...

I can certainly guess which one is stuck in your mind-STAMINA!

He is a newbie, lets give him some time and see if he proves his stamina.