Saturday, October 02, 2010

Really Mr. President...

Bad, Bobi Wine!
A few Things That Tickled Me About the Bobi Wine 1st October Mr. Money Album Launch

• What was with the constant appreciative references to your wife Barbie? Even bringing her on stage to speak? I thought you were against those who ‘front’ their wives to gain some publicity?

• You were wearing a suit at your album launch? The 'ghetto president' was in a suit right off a Select Garments mannequin? This reminds me of when NRA guerrilla leader Yoweri Museveni finally discarded the people's Tumpeco plastic cup for those delicate 'bumba' Made in China milk mugs. Is this where you are headed, man?

• Really, you are cooperating with the Uganda Police? The 'ghetto republic' is allying itself with the Uganda Police and you actually ‘believe’ you are going to turn the Police ‘ghetto friendly?’ Hmmm. I know we all got to have our ‘connects’ because you just never know when you are in a tight jam in some village in Kiboga, but Kale Kayihura was your guest of honour and you let him speak too?

• I want to know that friend of yours ‘from a neighbouring country’ who claims they wish they could borrow President Museveni even for just ‘two weeks’ so they can be ‘just like us.’ Can we swap? Permanently, perhaps. This could be like one of those football things where you loan out a player until their contract runs out.

• Did I hear right, you said “We should be proud of our leaders?” The ones we have now?!. It sure didn’t sound like you were being tongue in cheek. I swear I had you say that. Is there a ‘fat juicy frog’ in one side of your cheek? Now I’m only waiting to see you on the campaign trail with National Resistance Movement leaders. I will not be surprised. I will only be heart broken. But it’s only just a heart. We all make our retreats, and Busabala beach has got to be firmly secured. You’re out of the ghetto after all. You came from there but you can’t remain there.

Pleeease! no more political speeches at your next album launch. Ekilooto, Ebibuuzo, Obululu Tebutwawula speak so much more eloquently than any ten minute haranguing you can do, and actually convince more. Let the music speak for you.

Ps: At least I know you were being tongue-in-cheek when you said, ‘We think you stand to be our leaders because you are ‘wiser’ than us.’ That one, okay!


tumwijuke said...


It is surprising to find anyone who is still surprised at Bobi Wine.

Meanwhile, I just noticed your profile 'description'. I hope the Iwaya who wrote beautiful, haunting stories isn't gone for good.

Iwaya said...

Hmm-well, I guess they wouldn't be 'stars' if we did not find something surprising in their actions...I mean I can understand not being surprised by Seya but Bobi Wine...

'That' Iwaya is still there, somewhere, lurking...