Saturday, October 23, 2010

Kingambe-Eddy Kenzo Was How?

Eddy Kenzo was alright. (But I hope Rabadaba later this week will really bring the heat at his Musanvu Kitundu launch. I have seen him do it before, as recently as in June at Dr. Hilderman’s Amelia album launch-now that was a performance!) 

Kenzo arrives, Jangu Nkulage!
I could be an apologist for Kenzo. I could explain that he is still a novice, a learner, when it comes to stagecraft. That he is yet to understand there is a real difference between excess stage energy and a performance-but he’s getting there. Did you see how he toyed with the crowd before he gave them that Stamina performance they had come for-doing mini instrumental improvisation versions with that excellent back up band—he’s getting there. He’s not quite yet in control, but he’s a learner. 

Like that Bobi Wine performance Bobi put on this night. Revving the crowd up, hitting the brakes, getting them singing along, doing that delighted kid stage swagger with goofy-naughty all teeth out glee. Bobi Wine’s performances have not always been like this. He’s evolving. He’s been learning. Kenzo is a learner like that. I think at least! 

Here’s the thing about the Stamina Kati Kati album launch of Friday, 22nd October 2010: Silk Events got me mesmerized. I like that. Being impressed, inspite of myself. I could have drowned, bathed, swum, floated, drunk and watched the light play they put on during Kenzo’s show and never minded who was on stage. Or what music was playing. As long as the beat was thumping, intoxicating, mind altering- I can’t wait, hope, Rabadaba and Bebe Cool will be using Silk Events because if they are at the top of their form-wow, they are going to be wilding out killer shows. Trance shows of where you forget yourself, forget where you are, ascend Nirvana steps-its when the girl you are with screams vocabularies you never knew her demure self possessed-I’m waiting for those shows with greater anticipation than I used to look forward to December Christmas holidays-and if Silk Events does even a quarter of what it did for Kenzo for the whole duration of those shows-I just might be tempted to blog real time because that will be the only way I will be able to handle all the aesthetic pleasures being flung at me!

Silk Lights inspired intimacy, I tell you!
Yeah, converted, finally-Silk Events rules the roast in Uganda-Events Warehouse please show face!

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