Sunday, August 22, 2010

If I Could Craft my Own Search Engine...

A vicious rumour (false, I hope!), gossip fodder so salacious, has been making the rounds so insistently that even the BBC had to broadcast something about it. Mbu Google might start charging some sort of subscription to access some of its services, especially its very popular search engine facilities. 
Will I miss the Google search engine, in case it becomes a pay for service on the net? Truth be told, not really.  A few years ago, yeah, when the Yahoo! Search facility was still so crappy. But almost all search engine facilities on the net are up to the same standard, I think I would just probably adjust to a new one and leave Google behind.
Now if the Google search engine was more customizable to my particular needs, that would be entirely different. Like what I want in blogs, when I’m searching for new blogs to read. As you might have noticed, over the last two years, Ugandan bloggers have become scarcer to find. Yeah, there are hundreds of Ugandan registered blogs but of those hundreds, probably not more than 50 update more than five times in a month. so a blog fans like I has got to search for new blogs to read away from Uganda!
If I could tweak and customize my search engine more, this is what I would tell it I look for in blogs I’m going to read more than once, blogs whose links I’m going to put up in my links.

a.       I like bloggers who treat their blogs as more than just blogs, each post (however brief, however off the fly) as not just a rant, a vent-but another page in the book of their life, their development, their beliefs, their world. It need not be world changing, but I need to believe it is true, to them.

b.       I like blog pictures, blog art work, yeah; you could call me a collector.  Photos of home parties to travel photographs of amusing sign posters, to this crazy town scene you just happened to stumble upon when you were just down town, or even a photo of your blogging room, I love them all! I hunger for them. I don’t know why, but often I find them ‘realer’ than the studio portraits and ‘professional’ photographs. Increasingly, as my net speed allows it, I’m beginning to get into home videos, clips into lives, that sort of thing. There is one on YouTube about cat betrayed by his girlfriend, hilarious! It says it all, what I look for in these videos.

c.       Unique perspective. No ‘fronting,’ trying to sound like a cross between Chris Rock and a Crackers comedian. Just you. Be you a melancholic, a sanguine philosopher, obsessed with the colour of beach stones, only able to blog about your complicated love life, or a conspiracy nut believer that everything wrong in Uganda somehow has its source in Museveni. As long as I sense your perspective is yours, I’m usually hooked. I don’t mind what side you take, just be interesting.

d.       Authentic Uganda. Now that’s what I’m searching for, ever looking for. I don’t know what exactly it means, but I know it is there. I know it is there when I’m in a taxi and one person begins to moan about the potholes and the taxi becomes a swaying hymn of opinions about potholes. I know it is there when a forest is about to be sold off, and suddenly viral, Kampalans who you never thought you would see in a street protest are suddenly on the street, so pissed, so angry, not even live bullets will so quickly cause them to take cover. I know this Uganda is there. The Parliamentarians won’t talk about what makes us Ugandan, it certainly is not taught in school, but Ugandans in the street talk about it all the time. I don’t expect to find it in the heavily self censoring and staid newspapers, but I have a hope somewhere floating on the net, a few people are putting out the authentic Uganda. I keep coming back for that.


Leon Koh said...

I was surfing for some sites when I surf into your blog.. nice postings..

share with you some intesting pictures from this articule

Leon koh
Blogger from singapore

normzo™ said...

Most Ugandan bloggers went silent...

A and B would be what i would be searching for on my search engine.

Anonymous said...

You would certainly rank high on your own search engine. Keep up the good work. While not exactly "Ugandan," I am a blogger in Uganda and try to do the same at Hope to meet you at some point.

The 27th Comrade said...

I suppose that those who suffer from sudden rashes of faith fervour, before they morph suddenly into sneering political commentators … those do not qualify? :o) For if I qualify, then something is wrong with the search engine, and it most-certainly ain’t no Google. ;o)