Monday, July 19, 2010

Ten Thoughts When July 11, 2010 Happened

1. (Self thought first) Shit, didn’t I leave Juba, precisely to get away from this? Not risk being blown up, shot at, whenever I dared go out to have fun, especially at night? Going out in Juba was like having a death wish, you just never knew if you were going to be able to make it back to your house. Kampala has always been the exact opposite of this, this is why I came back home. Now this?!

2. Damn, Kyadondo Rugby Grounds has been one of my spots. At the very least once a month I’m down there, at night, happening. How come I was not there tonight? World Cup fever night, the final Spain versus Netherlands, will Paul the Octopus get it right? I was not there. How come? They are saying 60 something dead. Dead? I’m sorry, but dead? Let this be another grapevine rumour, let it be falsehood... my job is to discount.

3. Has someone I know died there? I know so many people who never miss these things. This Warid Pakalast is finally going to do some work. Lemme check, why is UBC continuing to do their dreadful, boring post match analysis like nothing has happened? Charles Patrick Luwandaga just announced there have been bomb blasts, what how many miles away from the UBC TV offices and he still wants to discuss whether Spain are worthy winners of the first World Cup held on African soil. Are they nuts?

4. This World Cup is now ruined for me. I know, I know I’m not supposed to say that, think that, that means the terrorists have won. But how can I look back on the 2010 FIFA World Cup and not think of these bomb blasts. They have changed everything. July was supposed to be my busiest night trawling month; I don’t see this happening now. Mega Dee, Ragga Dee, Eddy Kenzo, and Desire Luzinda concerts will have to be put off, the way I see it. Who is going to want to go out, hang out? Who is going to find anything to cheer about with Stamina, Mafaranga, Ina di dance, Mr. Kataala.

5. Who is responsible for these bomb blasts?

6. Let me check out Timothy Kalyegira over at Uganda Record and see his theories. I know he won’t believe it is ‘a normal’ terror act. He will read more into, marshal signs to prove this was going to happen, it was just a matter of time.

7. Is anyone going to take some responsibility from the government? Accept, yes, we have failed you. It was my fault. I have never been so ashamed and unworthy of my office? I doubt it. Will Ugandans demand that someone be prosecuted for criminal negligence of their duties? Failing to protect civilians, their lives and property? Isn’t this what we have been putting with a lot for, security at least? The promise that no matter how much of ‘our; money is stolen, we are not going to lose our lives because a man with a gun attacked us?

8. Please, please let Ugandans politicians do the decent thing and not use the fear factor, the tension to slip through some new laws, measures, and what not that will curtail our freedoms more. Put on the back burner important issues like laying a proper internet optic fibre cable because we all need it, punish more than Jamwa from the NSSF scandal, don’t divert the road reconstruction funds that have just been allocated or bloat more the classified defence budget. Can I hope for this? I’ve got a sick feeling I’m being an optimist, and it is not my nature.

9. I wonder if the companies that lost workers who had gone to represent their brands will do more than ‘just’ meet burial expenses of the coffin and transport for their workers to the ancestral home of the deceased. Can I really hope for more than that, or are thick Law books going to wiped out, legalese dolled out, about how this worker and that worker actually had not signed any form of any sort that he or she was officially representing that corporation?

10. Is my level of faith in the sitting government so diminished that, even as everybody dons Uganda flag colours on their Facebook, I do not because I find it hard to believe it is the Somali Al Shabaab terrorists that did this? Has the NRM government let me down so many times at critical moments that I have begun to believe, to my bones, that they are capable of terrible deeds against us, against me, the citizens they are supposed to protect? If not responsible, then at least culpable because they failed to do a better job than they are doing? That it will be in their interest to find an ‘easy’ answer because they are incapable or unwilling to search out the harder truer truths? What does this say for the state of my heart, for Uganda?


Malaeka's Folks said...

It's going to be hard to think rationally. I guess many of us feel let down by the sitting government but then again, we can't leave it at that. We must do something, scream, maybe or just flail like we are mad. The al Shabaab guys have said they did it. maybe they did. We just need somewhere to vent.

Mckeith said...

I wonder what the investigation may lead us too. Al-shabaab Claimed responsibility and that where the investigations may be focusing.

And the UBC, please don't tell me. How can our channels not halt regular programming?

Oh sorry about "inna de dance" (i hope I got that right)

Iwaya said...

That is my primary worry-that the people who are supposed to be cool and rational in such circumstances and in position to effect changes that would better safeguard us in the future have largely abandoned impartiality and rationality.