Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Windows 7 & Vista-the battlers.

Warily cautious does not even begin to describe my gingerly advances towards the new Windows 7 operating system. Ecstatic techy reviews I have read indicate that Windows 7 is a marvel, Microsoft’s first real challenge to the little tested wonderous experiences I have had of Steve Job’s Apple system. It is not mentioned by Microsoft but it seems that Windows 7 is the new Vista and that is creepy for me.

Vista was my first love and it broke my heart, badly. Tore it into shreds and sent the pieces floating in the planetary ether like rocket debris. I still have strong feelings about my first experiences and encounters with Vista which happened toward the end of 2006. When I used my first work laptop that was to be my work station for the next two years, that bulky Dell laptop on which I blogged some of my best Iwaya pieces when the love for blogging was as pure as a Scottish Christian missionary’s zeal, penned yahoo messenger messages that nearly came back to haunt me.

Ha! How I experienced the first joys of Windows 11 Media Player, learning from Pete’s Mama first that as my windows system was genuine, all I had to do was upgrade. For many months delighting, like a child seeing the phone coloured screen, in the shiftable templates on offer. The yahoo messenger free over the internet phone calls that began a continuing interest in hunting for the perfect headphones. Damn, those beautiful desktop tricks. I loved Vista!

Until the disappointments. The endless ‘hanging’ while processing multiple requests. The endless start-up wait that got me addicted to sauntering out to begin an addiction to coffee, learning the art of making a cappuccino, the foamy mountain reward half consumed before my Dell Vista would let me access my documents. The extinction of some beloved programmes Vista declared beyond the pale and not worthy of use while it was on that Dell. But always, the intolerable slowness like I was waiting on never arriving royalty that anyway turned up with nothing especially spectacular. I was sick of Vista by the time we two parted, several time close to hurling that blames Dell at the wall that survived with me dangerous voyages, journeys on which things happened I have ever yet been able to come to terms with.

Excuse me therefore I’m still underwhelmed by all so far I have read and heard of Windows 7. I have been listening to and following the Windows 7 gospel since July this year and I’m still far from conversion. Chrome Google, Explorer failed to convert me and Firefox has remained my legitimate lover. I’m a lover of snappy beauty but Mormon functionality operates the everyday and this is what I need the most above all. In the chaos of my many universes, I create order in the world of my laptop. Windows XP is not about to be usurped until I know Windows 7 is not just another Microsoft flash in the pan.


streetsider said...


i dunno, i have used windows 7 and it seems that microsoft is finally waking up.

petesmama said...

Vista was such a bitch, and she still is. Tread carefully with 7.

Sleek said...

Vista the bitch...XP and I, we still tight...let others instal that thing, i'll try it on their machines

Rogelio said...

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mahasiswa teladan said...

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