Monday, October 12, 2009

A Mixed Bag, smiley faces, musicmatch!

In case y'all missed it...Lissingmink is back, yeah baby! Check her out at (PS:Forgive me for not making the link more direct, but blogger has some new coding thing I don't feel so I have to do it this way.)

In other news, someone accused me of promoting mediocrity and second rateness in my other job when it comes to the local Ugandan musicians I promote. I can't even begin to tell you how much effort it is taking for me not to vent here while defending some of our Ugandan musicians who are not entirely crap and unoriginal as I was being lectured they are.

Anyway coincidentally on the same day, I discovered that it is 20 years since "Fran├žois Luambo Makiadi (6 July 1938 - 12 October 1989) was a major figure in twentieth century Congolese music, and African music in general. He is widely referred to as Franco Luambo or, simply, Franco. Known for his mastery of rumba, he was nicknamed the "Sorcerer of the Guitar" for his seemingly effortlessly fluid playing. As a founder of the seminal group OK Jazz, he is counted as one of the originators of the modern Congolese sound," passed away.

I just thought I should mention that too.


Esquire of the mountain said...

Oh yes Franco of TPOK band, Bolingo! Maestro indeed!

~ScotchBiscuits~ said...

Music, like cologne is so personal-totally defined by individual taste. So I find it hard to understand why you are being accused of promoting mediocrity and whatever else you are being accused of. Even though I am mostly clueless about the music you might be writing about, I am pretty sure that music means something to you, and therefore to each his own. I doubt that anything about you is mediocre though..but if I am wrong, you do have the right to embrace whatever helps you live fully-even if it is mediocre music! So tell them I said grow up. Just kidding. But they should grow up.

jny23 said...

Franco Luambo Makiadi even tho he wasn't of our generation surelly rocked.
Spent yesterday downloading some of his songs off limewire.