Friday, October 02, 2009

Bobi Vs. Bebe...and the winner is!

Why does it always have to be either or with so many people? The question I have been asked the most this week is, “Are you for Bobi Wine or Bebe Cool? And where will you be?” I would rather be at both shows if I could, in fact I just might!

Few people believe me when I say have no emotional investment in what will happen at their respective album launches. I know that whatever happens over this weekend, Bobi and Bebe’s music careers are not going to die overnight. In fact unlike most people, I think that this rivalry they conjured up to spark interest in their launches is a good thing.

You might cynically think that they are doing solely for the sake of getting as many people as they can through the gates. You would be right but I think both musicians have a deeper motive. They need this rivalry to stoke the embers of their creativity, to remind themselves that though it might look like they are atop the heap of Ugandan music, they still have more to prove.

It does not matter that you make the best music or you made the most creative video. You must be able to pull in the biggest crowds to prove your financial worth. They will have none of this snobbish, wrong headed prissiness of artists like Maurice Kirya who claim to be content to appeal to a few. They must be colossuses creatively and bank balance wise.

This is why I find it so strange that anyone should demand I must be a loyalist of one and throw banana skins at the other. Bebe Cool is a self marketing phenomenon in our local music industry whose complexity has never yet been adequately expounded upon and probably never will, at least in what we have passing for newspaper commentary today-shallow politics obsessed. Bobi Wine is a richly unexplored model for what we could term the Ugandan dream come to breathing life and embodied in his life story and the psychological wheels on which musical creativity revolve amply proves this but where will I ever get the chance to tell you in riveting detail the naked fear I have seen in his eyes and heard in his voice, away from the madding distractions he surrounds himself with?

I guess that’s why I’m not one of those who wants to be a flag waver and surrender my fence sitting spread of the land view.

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L.A. Lutara said...

i agree with you that we shouldnt have to choose but i think i must...and in this battle i'm afraid bobi takes the cheese...simply because i feel he's more talented. true enough, bebe markets himself incredibley well...but to me that simply isnt enough.