Thursday, October 16, 2008

Credit Crunch Bites

With the international credit crunch chomping up on the world financial market,

1. Does it mean that the Communists and Socialists are winning, never mind that for all intents and purposes their movements are dead and buried, in their original forms?

2. Why has no one yet used the title Karl Marx’s Last Laugh in one of the credit crunch stories awash in the media?

3. Now that we know that those very respected Wall Street financial wizards speculations were based on non existent money or money they hoped would be earned in future somehow, does this mean the game Monopoly is crucial training if you ever want to be a Wall Street whiz someday?

4. Why have the International Monetary Fund think tank guys and heads not been bundled up and carted off to jail since they insisted that liberalization of the economy was the way to go and it looks like now we are going to have to renationalize some of the very institutions we were forced to privatize?

5. With privatization, will some kind soul please take down the bathroom tiles that adorn the former Uganda Commercial Bank Building that house Stanbic Bank nowadays and can we have back all those bodies like Coffee Marketing Board and the rest?

6. Did you hear that reporter on BBC who said that he had never heard people in London complain about the rising price of bread before? In all his decade of living in London? That people used to only gripe about the weather?

7. Does the credit crunch really have anything to do with me? Or they just want to me think it does?

John Nagenda has not managed to make me chuckle in quite a while but his last description of a certain anatomical part of U.S.A Presidential candidate John McCain had me catching myself from laughing out loud at the rude unfairness of it all, but naye Nagenda….mbu Mccain’s “fantastically wrinkled neck.”

Which brings me to another wonderment, which Presidential candidate do you support? Do the USA elections mean anything to you? I’m so full of questions today! It comes from having nothing better to do!


Sybella said...

you have nothing better to do?!

i have to support the east african... ofcourse.

Omutahinga said...

Eeeh, but Nagenda is one to talk. Maybe he only has those bu-mirrors on sratchers and hasn't seen his own neck.

I can so see Karl Marx looking smug. Very smug indeed.

thrretypesofcrazy said...

You are full of questions today.

Really the BBC reporter was right. The weather has ceased to be the topic of the day and so has global warming. Now Credit crunch is on mulebe.
Will it affect you? Personally, I do not know but Africa.Yes, it will, I think there will be a delay.

You may have a point on monopoly and Wall street. And also on point number one...okay you may have the answer within your questions.

Do US elections mean anything to me? I like to know who will rule the world for the next 4 days. My money is on Obama because the reporter on CNN persuaded me and also I watched the debate last night between the one with a fantastically wrinkled neck and Obama.
And guess the conclusion I drew. ....I think Obama has the same X factor Clinton had and still has.

nevender said...

Someone plz xplain credit crunch?

Iwaya said...

Nev: you do know they are paying economists millions right now to figure that out exactly?!