Monday, October 06, 2008

Alfred Kinsey and How He Changed Your World.

I’m just beginning to read about Alfred Kinsey in detail. You could say that along with heavyweights like English botanist Charles Darwin, and Austrian psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud (of course there are lots of people whose names I skip) are responsible in large part to the world we live in. our everyday world. The way we relate to each other and some of the morality we try to live up-to and force others to follow. The way we think about sex, the way we love, our religious beliefs, the way we regard nature, relate to each other.

How I wish now I could get my hands again on that Liam Neeson movie Kinsey again! It was the first movie that made me slowly realise that the 1960s in Western Europe and the USA would not quite have been what they were without this former bisexual American Methodist who wrote Sexual Behavior in the Human Male (1948, reprinted 1998) and Sexual Behavior in the Human Female (1953, reprinted 1998) .

It was Kinsey that made a howling America admit that many men had actually experienced a homosexual encounter in their youth. He proved, with life stories to argue, that many American women who were supposed to be married virgins, often had had sex before they were married. He proved, again with life-stories, that children did think about sex, had sexual experiences and yes there were orgasms and they were a big deal for both sexes. Scientifically.

Anti-Kinsey groups allege, “Kinsey's work has been instrumental in advancing acceptance of pornography, homosexuality, abortion, and condom-based sex education, and his disciples even today are promoting a view of children as "sexual beings." Their ultimate goal: to normalize pedophilia, or "adult-child sex." That’s from the folks at www. (Concerned Women for America) say.

As far as I know, no book on Alfred Kinsey or by Alfred Kinsey exists in Kampala and perhaps Uganda. I know. I have been frantically searching for any. Kinsey’s life story reinforces for me a suspicion that the people who fundamentally change the world are not the headline makers but the academia, the teachers, and I’m beginning to wonder with real worry what our academia and our teachers have been quietly imparting. Perhaps this being Uganda, someone needs to ask what our religious leaders are imparting. It is time, I fully realise, I stopped saying someone, it is time I started actively asking. The world is changed one person at a time. It is no small achievement to convince your child that eating carrots is good for them, their eye sight will be the better for it. We change the world everyday and never appreciate our influence or are ashamed of it.

Thinking of posting this blog post, I realised that I do not know who the Google founders are, the supposed parent company that supports blogger. Yeah, I do not know who began blogger and until this moment, I did not care. I’m a Facebook regular. It was my lifeline for many months when I could not see my friends and when I chat with them on facebook I do not feel a need to call them or to see them physically. I think they are well. They have got to be well. Their status message read ebullient. They took a while to answer my phone text messages but I mean we all know that the phone networks here are far from reliable and can you believe it that Mango or MTN can suspend its services for a whole afternoon and there are no street demonstrations. The National Bureau of Standards does not say anything the next day, no newspaper announcement, radio or what.

The mind is an inquiring, thirsty sponge, open to soak up influences. Your mind determines who you are. This means that your mind influences greatly determine who you think you are. Your teachers, academic and non academic. In early youth I read the stories of violent revolution, Biblical and French Revolution like they were great adventure stories.

Until a few days ago I thought Guy Fawkes was a bad guy, never did think about his cause. In read a pleading letter in a newspaper that asked how it is that there is only one street named after first Democratic Party President Benedicto Kiwanuka and incredible as it seems, he is yet to be named a Ugandan national hero. A man who in the official records is reputed to have died refusing to compromise the independence of the judiciary and played a more than significant part in the eventual independence of Uganda ( never mind its format). I have begun to wonder how many kids born after 1986 know the name of Benedicto Kiwanuka or care that such a man lived. What about Basil Bataringaya? Musaazi? Why am I bringing up their names? They were gentlemen, at least by Ugandan standards and I’m wondering if there’s still a place for such people in our Uganda.

I should have written for you something else but I could not think of anyone else but Alfred Kinsey and how he changed my world. Changed your world.


kobayahi said...

Never heard of this Alfred guy but sounds like someone worth looking for. In case I get that book, I will let you know.

nevender said...

Rom 12:2 And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, in order to prove by you what is that good and pleasing and perfect will of God.

I highly suspect all these men simply made discoveries but never actually offered any the human's spiritual need.

Our minds influence us on a daily basis and what we put in will surely reflect on what comes out.

So, rapist are not just born, they become such, and etc.

I do not think I would really like this Kinsey guy.

gayuganda said...

Alfred Kinsey,

I have not actually read him, but fact is he has played a role in my self discovery. I thought I was abnormal, till I read part of his works and I realised my definition of normal is very funny.
Iwaya, if you want to read about him, look for medical texts. That is where I found information about him. Old, old books, but then, his ground breaking text is an old book.

Nevender [shaking my head]
I can absolutely swear that you would not like Kinsey. He did what you would fear most. Research. Not starting off with any basic prejudices, but starting off with the spirit of curiosity. For that reason, he might not have done much. He just documented what was, and the world was suprised.

Nevender, there is a huge log in your eye. But you cant see it. Unfortunately, you are not about to see it.

~ScotchBiscuits~ said...

I know him. I know Benedicto Kiwanuka:)
(hurries off to celebrate knowing!)

nevender said...


thank you for pointing out the log in my eye.

I hope I have seen it.

God bless.

gayuganda said...

ha ha ha Nevender!

Cool, man, cool!

nevender said...

Iwaya (mbu mad and crazy...hehehe)
I just want to say thanks for you comments. I have been reading through old blogs and well you my friend were very encouraging and devoted.

Thanks mob.

spiralx said...

Iwaya, yes, a copy of the DVD exists in Kampala. As far as I know, only the one!

If you would like me to send you a copy, email me at
with your box number or address, and I'll post a copy by air.

Minzo said...

Im a big fan of the film too- one of the best biopics of all time. You've got very good taste!