Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Play A Song I Know

She never lets go and she kept on asking me, “How are you?”

Songs in my head because I first heard them from you, my blogger friends, sometimes lucky enough you sent them to me too!

My Absolute favourite right now:
Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis: Jasmine

I play this one every night:
No Air by Jordin Sparks feat Chris Brown: Lulu

I can’t get enough of:
No one by Alicia Keys: Sybella

Dayuum he’s good:
Real Love by Massari: Hussein and Capital FM Juba nights

Old is gold, you know:
Ghost Ship by Sting: Baz

Because you remain my muse:
What Goes Around by Justin Timberlake: Petesmama

The illest still:
Brain Damage by Pink Floyd: Akiyo who I have so much to tell I dare not use the phone

Tequila promises:
Breathe (2am) by Anna Nalick: Scotchbiscuits who daily amazes me

Refusing to let you go:
Roc Boys by Jay-Z: Savage and Inktus and exits that are entrances.

I know this is temporary:
9th Symphony by Beethoven: Hipflask Swigger who I miss more than I want to admit

I’m the dream catcher:
Never Had a Dream Come True by S Club 7: HER and because one is going to come true. I’m making it.

That thing I talked about. I can’t quite yet bring myself to write it out. I will soon but not yet. I’m in the slog, this is my year and this is the test, I’m getting out of it with a Jay-Z swagger and more. Iwaya’s back….

“And the winner is….”


Jasmine said...

i'm smiling :-)

Sybella said...

ooooh, just blushing away....

Savage said...

well be back

antipop said...

hmmmm.veri veri not happy. where is my song?

Carlo said...

Holding my breath for that thing you're teasing us with . . .

Cheri said...

I once told someone that I like Never had a dream come true and they called me cheesy.

I'm diggin bleeding love and no air. but u should try listening to Katie Melua. She takes me breath away.

Also, currently diggin Chasing pavements by Adele Adkins.

Hi Iwaya, been a long while.

Cheri said...

The winner is HOVA...but u are pippin g him off that spot.

C'mon, tell us...

Although I suspect we may be right about what we think she said yes to...

Dennis D. Muhumuza said...

here some deds 4 ye too: 'beauty 4 ashes' by crystal lewis
'glory 2 u jesus' by LVC]

Baz said...

You have got to first get some of that Imeem.com.

Everything is there!!

First let me give you a move cut and you see...

Frankie said...

my favourite song of all time is Chris Debarge's Lady in red..