Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Positively 4th Street

Success breeds envy. You did not know that, son? No, especially when I was not seeking the success, the accolades or the frowning brows that lower when I enter the room. I have never known stealers of joy like these.

I look into the furnace heat of your frustrations and resentment and wonder how you could use so much energy so negatively. Don’t you know success begins in your mind? I have denied you no opportunities, never schemed against you, yet I see now that all you ever wished for was to see my downfall. I’m puzzled, wondering why. But not too long. Not for long.

Time is so brief and the sands in our hour glasses trickle out so much faster I cannot pause for long to rummage through failed scrap heaps of ambitions that were dreamt of but you never got out of bed to make happen. I’m of the dazzling morning sun, I’m of the breathless sweet lingering sunsets, I’m of the quick limbed, I’m for the laughter and the wit, I’m the changeling!

Thank you, Bob Dylan!


Jasmine said...

never to click! will keep trying.

Cheri said...

Success starts in our minds...I like that.