Thursday, January 24, 2008

Strange Meetings...

I'm grief's child
With too much on my mind
Back from a Sudan
I miss and dread,
Wanting to go back
Maybe never being able to again
Death's indelible mark
Like Ash Wednesday's mark upon us all
I have been promised extinction here
I still want to go there,
I have seen no river like the Nile River in Sudan
On my mind always
In white soft backed chairs with beers on stools
Warm breath of stalking crocodiles on the stony beach below
Half sunken bombed ships like a quivering arm waving,
I cannot bear to be parted with you,
I'm being parted from you.


Savage said...


How does my ass look from where ya'll are standing behind me?

Jasmine said...

can i give you my feelings and you express them for me? Love the way you express yourself.

my deepest sympathies for the loss you have suffered.

antipop said...

iwaya the poet
i see you are still in that dark place. get out of tehre. you are causing me major sadness
love the post. u r inspired alright

Carlo said...

I'm with Jas, I'll tell you how I feel and you articulate for me.
We need some joy in your blog though, too sad.

minty said...

I so feel nugu that for all the Nile that flows in Uganda there's hardly a length of River Nile I can go and sit near with just a rickety wooden barrier stopping me from diving in.

Phoenix said...

come on! I need to shake you out of it. How about that long as it will chear you up i am willing to buy. Read the comments too many people rely on your blog.dont make me take you to the sacred strip bar known to a few in UG.

Cheri said...

Iwaya...we need a smile on yo face.

gayuganda said...

Yeah Iwaya,

seems the conclusion is unanimous.

A poet as good as you drags all down when in his blues. A poem for you and me, and all of us

'Life' by Charlotte Bronte, and remember the Weather.


gayuganda said...

And here is a link to the poem 'Life'

All the best


modoathii said...

and i came here (after a long while) hoping for inspiration. uplifting inspiration...

but great poem. enyewe, you smile we smile.

Samantha said...

So sad about your friends. Wish you could stay in UG and never have to go back.