Monday, December 10, 2007

Hours to Go!!!

Tuesday 6:30pm, Entebbe, I’m coming home. Maybe for good. I’m coming home. My wandering days are far from over, they never will be. But I’m coming home. This December I will be breathing the same air Uganda breathes, the same paranoia, your day to day fears and cares will be mine. I will wonder if I and all who I love so dearly will survive Ebola and when President Museveni will come out and say something about it, stop being a poster boy revolutionary and show he cares, he is as worried about this as we are.

December will find me in National Theater to watch the again revamped Obsessions I met in Juba two days ago Beijing Hotel Juba, Ronnie Mulindwa still the brain behind that remarkable dance and singing troupe in a seat engrossed again in their dreams, I maybe seated next to you on my right because on my left she will be seated. Set date. 21st December.

Botanical Gardens Visitor, am keeping my promises this December, I’ll be there Yusufu, Thursday afternoons with my notebook scribbling with my Xuezi blue ink blotting pen my notes so that you can leave me alone to sit on that blackening wood bench to watch the lake once more. Before I come here on Saturday afternoon with her, the Gardens behind where I rented a house for her, packed with afternoon snacks we will not eat because she says I never let her get bored enough to want to snack on Pringles anymore, I will love her madly.

Life is not theory to me. Divorce laws in Uganda are my brother who is getting married this December and I wonder if he is going to be alright though I’m younger than he is and I have never told him how much it has honoured me that he chose me to be his Best Man. One of my few believers that I was not completely madandcrazy, he still wants me a part of his life and I wonder if he will be okay. I like the woman he is marrying. But I worry about him. I have seen his heart, held its gasping throbbing life in my bare palms in a night we thought he was dying and my father was weeping the first tears I ever saw in his eyes, living in that flat in a part of town we have not talked about since we left almost two decades ago. I remember that night. My curse is I do not forget. I love as much as I remember.

Blu*3 singing Working Woman in the best album of 2007 is my mother’s life. A woman among many who gave up her dreams I could have the chance to be Iwaya. Working Woman is MySun in my blogroll, few have I met so courageous as she is. Minty said somewhere that I used to have all the connecting links and I do not seem to have them anymore, Minty I do still have them, I just care so much more, I want them all to be alright, MySun teaching me that I can love all the world. I used to know all this from Percy Shelley but I needed MySun to remind me. I’m saying, Tandra, thank you and you know why, speaking to you bringing a little bit of my faith back, I leave more my clues for the wary than I should but you have changed my life.

Countryboyi said that I write about love too much. He recanted. But it stung. Let me explain myself. Writing, for me, is love. I cannot write about that which I do not love in some way. I’m listening to The Reason by Hoobastank praying there’s a reader who reads me line for line, I wrote this paragraph for you because only you perceptive reader would understand. I do not write about love in the sexual sense only though sex is oxygen to me. Clues to Iwaya here like never before. I could never live without physical sex. I’m just one of those people, will never change. I know this as certain as the sun will be in the Ugandan sky at some point today, I will see a flower by a roadside that will make me wish I had a digital camera, I will want to hear a Kiiba Herbert joke and Busingye Edward I still miss you more and more. My past is my future, inescapable ways revealed, before Destiny set. Ishta speaking of decisions taken before she was born, I’m taking them for the changelings that will be my children. I’ve found a reason to show a side of me that You did not know/ and the reason is You.”

I discovered Joy Division this year, this past month. Ian Curtis, studied myth, I was not too convinced. Strange nights those, Juba dreaming, watching The Notorious B.I.G on youtube, watching the Hit ‘Em Up video for the first time, grab your glocks when you see Tupac/ Call the cops when you see Tupac, appreciating that live Tupac was better, B.I.G was so shy it’s amazing he ever managed to shuffle onto a stage, but that voice remains! Have listened to Robin Thicke who reminds me of Justin Timberlake in so many ways, a singer I like in spurts of drunken glee; but I go back again and again to the original, the King who opens all The Doors of perception, Jim Morrison. We are not dark prophets of Paris nights dreaming of nights we tried to die anymore, we’re in the carnival of life again dancing wildly, husky lusty voice singing,

Don’t you love her madly
Don’t you need her badly
Don’t you love her ways
Tell me what you say

Don’t you love her madly
Wanna be her daddy
Don’t you love her face
Don’t you love her as she’s walking out the door
Like she did one thousand times before

To be on the march!!!

Love Her Madly

L.A. Woman, 1971, The Doors, Jim Morrison full throttle! Sunday through Monday counting the mad hours, I’m coming home!

See Me Change.


eddsla said...

dude, catch you in tawu.
about biggie,he's still the best

modoathii said...

(pointing like a madman and in awe) like THAT! i wanna write like that.

i'm not in UG, but welcome home (it's one big EA home, ain't it?)


gayuganda said...

For sure someone is happy coming home.

Welcome back brother!


Samantha said...

Great! Iwaya is coming back today!

Now I wish that meant I could receive a phone call at least but its enough that you will be back.

cb said...

sometimes i want to doubt but o man u still got it!!!

u still the original biggie smalls and on blogger too we got a reformed (2)pac. his name is 'da sage'. who wins?

come back home. home away from the surly juba sky and enchant your fans some more!

Jasmine said...

weeyah verey verey appy,
weeyah verey verey appy,
weeyah verey verey ah
to seeyew today...

Heaven! said...

am smiling!

ish said...

as if love and kampala were inseperable...

intelligent said...

You make me wanna know you!!!! Beautiful. Simply beautiful.