Thursday, October 18, 2007

Oh Michael, You Were So Right!

I want to wail “I’m a mess!” I want to cry she has left me and I’m in this room on the floor bawling my eyes out. I want to…but I cannot, there is no reason to. The shimmering tears in my eyes are from joy. Oh Michael, you were so right! I’m listening to Beera Nange (Be With Me) by TShila and I can no longer vow there is no Ugandan singer whose concert I will ever buy tickets to. I have found her! I will buy tickets to her show to hear her sing Beera Nange. I have not been this moved in so long. Oh Michael, you were so right! She is divine!


modoathii said...

is that her (too lazy to google search...okay maybe i will) oh yeah, it's her. even if she's looking up, her tell-tale head scarf.

i'd love to here her music. she's feeling it kweli.

modoathii said...

i've just watched her on YouTube, Tshila at ZIFF. she's good, i understand now why you feel her. (and behind me someone was clicking their fingers...they enjoyed it too)

Jasmine said...

yap she's cool.

no ugandan singer would have made you buy tickets? really?

nanti mwakula after Shanks V.V.D and Perfect Generation! those were our concerts!

i have always been disturbed that Tshilla isn't 'bigger' than she is. what must she do to break out real big?

The 27th Comrade said...

Oh. Fine look, nice snap.

Omutahinga said...

Another Ugandan finds Tshila. Yay!

lissingmink said...

YEP! amazing...watched her do a poem/song thingy ma bob- nice!

when's the concert tish?!

Phoebe said...

Okay, y'all i would but i canr
(hold it back)
She sang to me... Bera Nange, she sang it to me...LIVE
Iwaya come live with me, you wont have to wait for the concerts

@Jasmine..Tshila is big, its the industry that aint that big- to contain her.
Radios tell her she's too sophisicated. Newspapers (mbu) tell her that Ani-amumanyi

Jasmine said...

Phoebe, hi. that is what i was saying. it is disturbing that she is not being heard as much as she should be.