Friday, October 19, 2007

Not Exactly Ear Worms...

Baz, Jackfruity, y’all are to blame for starting me thinking about my Desert Island collection of songs I cannot live without. Some I play every damn day and their magic never wanes. Music I listen to on days when my coffee cup is empty, Juba Sunday afternoons when I do not want to go to the Nile shore with the guys, when there is pending work and I’m trying to remember how Thomas Mann said he had to learn discipline, on mornings when I’m alone in the office the weight of my new responsibilities crouched in the corner, a year to the day when I last received an email that I wanted to read through again and lovely Ishta sent me one, I listen to these voices. Wafting me to worlds that exist in the many roomed mansions of my mind…remembering my own story behind each song…who first made me listen…compact discs to my laptop Media Player…

My Struggle songs

In constant rotation

1. Everyday Struggle by The Notorious B.I.G or Sky’s the Limit
2. Nobody Knows The Trouble I have Seen by Sam Cooke
3. Only God Can Judge Me by 2Pac
4. Rock Bottom by Eminem
5. What’s Going On by Marvin Gaye
6. Nkoye Okwegomba by Philly Bongoley Lutaya

Mack my word!

Songs that leave me still tingling…still figuring…

1. You’re Nobody (Till Somebody Kills You) by The Notorious B.I.G
2. Riders of the Storm by The Doors
3. Still I Rise by 2Pac
4. Bad Boy by Amani
5. Fire Anthem by The Bashment Crew
6. Maniac Monday by The Bangles
Honorary mention. 7. Brothers in Arms by Dire Straits

Now if you were the girl…

Love paeans I will never get enough of

1. Another One by The Notorious B.I.G
2. Kim by Eminem
3. Ghost Ship by Sting ****not having that one*** If He Loved You
4. Beera Nange by Tshila (new entrant)
5. Red, red Wine by UB 40
6. San Francisco by Vanessa Carlton
7. Driftin’ by Jimi Hendrix

Never been a fan, but I respected...

What do I remember about Lucky Dube?

That he was loved more devotedly by Ugandan music fans than they have ever loved another singer. That his songs were not just songs to his fans but a secret writing to create a better world. That the taxi I was in this morning from Entebbe fell into a deathly silence as the news crackled through the radio. That silence continued even as the presenter moved on to other news items, numb shock on all faces. That I did not have joy all day though I deserved it today, Lucky Dube on my mind. No singer has made me respect him without being a fan like Lucky did.


Rae said...

while I was away,Iwaya's blog got better. u rock!

modoathii said...

interesting collection. Yep, lucky dube was loved!

muganda said...

everyone has a thing for marvin
lucky was our bob marley of africa, long live the disciple.

Phoebe said...

the maid at home cried. okay, she teared up. for real.
Love and respect to Africa's own reggae legend. PEACE

Phoebe said...

HAAAAAAAAAAAAA! I can come in now! hooray! u will have practically drag me out of here

ish said...

Fire Anthem is on my 20 all time favorite songs list too.

i'm surprised u're "not a fan". i had this english tr. in primary school who you (oddly) remind me of. he loved Lucky Dube, once even said he'd take a bullet for him if the chance ever presented itself (ironic). i jst thought, you men who are in love with the written word, u and my old teacher r so much alike, thought u were a fan...

p.s. excuse me while i blush! didn't know i was "lovely"!! hard-core, maybe, but lovely???

Phoenix said...

I like Kim by Eminem. I was so affected by the Legend's(Dube) death even if i can not sing two lines from any of his songs. You are right; you did't have to be a fan to respect the man.