Sunday, September 09, 2007

Juba Bound

Smile your smile for me one more time…

Tonight I go,
I do not know when I will be back
Or who I will be if I come back

Tonight I go
My friends tonight I go
This is not the sacrifice of innocence
This is the gaining of experience I want to believe
Tonight I go

Tonight I go
I will not be back for many days and for many nights
I do not know when I will be back
Or how I will be if I come back
I’m saying farewell
Tonight I go

My friends tonight I go
Pray for this wandering soul I will miss you!
I’ll miss my Bumble Bee
Curt tongued
Severe like fashion panel judge
Feather soft heart ill concealed
Tonight I go, how I will miss you!

Tonight I go
My rucksack is under my swivel chair
Favourite notebook of mine
That reminds me of Pete’s smile is on my desk
I’m ready to go, these are my last moments
I know
Tonight I go, how I wish your smile was not only in my heart

Tonight I go
I will not be coming back for many a day, many nights
I will not be here anymore, why do I want your song once more
The transition is over for
Tonight I go

Oh my friends, oh my lovers, oh my heart companions!
Embrace me one more time for
Tonight I go
They’re hooting outside in the dark for me
Tonight I go


joshi said...

my word verification is bzuba..

all the best mon frere..godspeed!

The 27th Comrade said...

You know what they say:
May the promise of Nubia hold true for you.


Savage said...

Have fun.

Bon Voyage.

Joshi, I also took some French lessons.

Tandra said...

hugs!!! me b wait u b come back!

saw the grace thingy...yes i did!

Heaven! said...

hope you got there safe...very sad, the poem...scared as if even.

Be silent said...

Are you there yet? Will be here waiting

Iwaya said...

Reporting from the hot belly of Juba! They are way too many suspicious looking characters I last saw in school. some running from the law, others the law, and finding a functioning toilet is a trick! Few Ugandans wander about alone and these guys dish out free drinks at functions. Yes, I made it safely, now to find a place that will let me blog without taking half my pay...
10th September 2007

Iwaya said...

PS:I got to meet Salva Kiir at church yesterday. Yes, the happening life is in Church and it was a strange experience. Being in the orbit of power is unsettling.

And people are not as tall as they made me believe before! I still remain though your pygmy in Juba!

antipop said...

since we may not hear from u again,
(in case u become just another statistic of ugandans who hav perished in juba) let me take this opportunity to say that we share the love for Jack Nicholson. he's so cool.wats ur fav movie of jack's?

antipop said...

thank God u gt there safe
not the smat part, how to stay safe. do u hav a pic that shows ur face, faceess man/
am begining to wonder abt u...
there is only one other faceless being i know... clarify please

kissyfur said...

All the good ones are leaving, cheri, comrade and now u Iwaya. whats this travel month??

Be silent said...

Hey good to know you are there and safe.... Stay away from those armed guys they could hurt u? Kumbe wat are u doing there?

crys said...

so u were actually going somewhere? i thought it was a poem just for just. i've got to stop being so behind the times. twas a nice one though.

Phoenix said...

We could always meet here. You should drop by my blog, your the only one who ever leaves a comment. Pity that when i decide to hunt you down, you have left for Juba.

lissingmink said...

as long as it isnt oodbye- dont go!