Thursday, July 05, 2007

So Hollow

"Yeah, yeah, it’s just another day."

1. DON’T ever tap my shoulder when I’m plugged into my music.

2. DON’T take personal if I do not reply your emails immediately. I like to think about what I’m writing you back.

3. DON’T think I have forgotten you because I have not called you in months. When you become a friend of mine, you’re a friend for life, in some way.

4. DON’T be offended if I fail to turn up for your wedding, wedding meetings, or drink-up, I’m the friend you can call at 2am.

5. DON’T borrow my pens if you are never going to return them, they are not just pens.

6. DON’T ever surreptitiously peek into my notebooks; they have clasps for a reason.

7. DON’T ask me what my opinion is if you do not want to hear the unadorned truth.

8. DON’T worry, think you’re boring, if I say little in your company. Sometimes it’s in your silence that I’m happiest.

9. DON’T get mad, angry, frustrated, if I promised to write something for you and it seems I’m not. The longer I take, the more I care.

10. DON’T think I’m not listening to you just because I’m going to do it anyway.

It’s raining in Kampala today, yeah, it’s raining and I’m thinking of you. I’m thinking of all of you!