Friday, June 01, 2007

Jeff's End Of The World

I’m certain you have since heard that “our” man at CNN has been let go. I’m talking about Kenyan journalist Jeff Koinange who was one of the few black faces in the international mainstream press. Over allegations that he raped a woman. The woman he was having an adulterous affair because Jeff is married.

The woman who has written a book "A Shining Star in Darkness" and she has been on the run for her life since she testified in the Kenyan Parliament during the Ouko murder investigation and Jeff had promised to get her story aired on the prestigious network. Before he could do that though, they began having an affair that speedily became serious, at least for the single mother of one child.

How the fallout began is yet to be fully explained. Obviously though, Jeff might have decided he was tired of his fling and the woman, Marianne Briner did not take it very well. She revenged in the cruelest way possible. She decided to put an end to his career at the CNN by getting in touch with his bosses about the romance she had shared with one of their leading reporters.

She did not stop there. She opened up a website, a blog, where she began to share with a breathlessly watching and reading world how the romance had begun and grown. "Unluckily" for Jeff, they had been exchanging quite intimate emails throughout their affair and it seems she had never deleted any.

From these emails, there were quite a number of shocking revelations. Like the allegation that Jeff suffers from the venereal disease Herpes and she surmises that this could be the reason why through 8 years of marriage, Jeff had never been able to have a child before. She also alleges that while in London, Jeff may have had forceful sex with her. In effect, that he may have raped her. All allegations of course because it is her side of the story we are getting.

However what must surely have got Jeff fired must be because of how much detail he gave away of how he went about executing his job for the CNN. Talking about the officials he had to bribe in Nigeria to get juicy stories, the maneuvers he had to employ to get stories in Darfur, Sudan where he was supposed to be greatly risking his life. CNN and Jeff do not come out looking so good from these revelations and it certainly takes a major shine off all international media houses that are always preaching high standards and code of ethics to African media houses.

The whole sad affair ends it seems with the two people at the center the losers. Jeff has lost his job and she has lost a lover and her privacy and quite possibly her security. The world will go on, but it will certainly be a long time before these two find their bearings to be able to move on too.


nevender said...

Whoah! I did not know any of this, perhaps coz i am tucked away on campus without a tele in in my room. Wow, again the human nature comes out in public. What can I SAY. it is nothing to really be shocked about, i mean this is just Jeff Koinange. All of us have filty private lives if not for the saviour. Bill Clinton, Wolfowitz, just a few of the popular names- man is not beyond error but perhaps the problem is shame, guilt... all consequences. Is it not a joy to be free? From corruption? reproach. That's why I love Jesus.

Man, i did not give up blogging, maybe just inconsistent and available. I shall as soon as i get my laptop and data card. Ciao

The 27th Comrade said...

For one, the question is why they fired him. Nothing new here. It is gross if he did rape the chic. (And what kind of sex is that, where one ain't in accord? Dance the delicate salsa by force - does it work?) I find her rape story suspect, by the way, because a chic who's been laid before wouldn't bleed and all. That's what I think, anyway. My humble opinion. Or is she trying to say that Jeff comes right behind me in ... we shall call it ... girth?

Clean thine mind, the Day of the Lord is nigh.

Back to the point. The CNN people, we know how star journalists get news. Nothing weird here. Everything is for bribing one's way to in some cases. Not just Nigeria (even though that's where Jeff was). Even the USA. Nothing here, other than the usual self-righteousness, holier-than-thou you find among just about all of us.

The world is made of idiots - yet they hunt their kind down day and night! Bah.

els said...

started to read the blog but then i stopped. bitter taste in my mouth

Baz said...

A classic example of the influence of blogs. Only this time it is blogs as the sillier media.

scotchbiscuits said...

sad ,innit? the things we can do to the people we 'used' to 'love'

Cheri said...

Classic case of a woman scorned.....she took the guy down with her!

Herpes! CNN secrets! Rape! She done killed him.

And the guy so didn't rape her. Why didn't she press the rape charges that time in London when he had "forceful" sex with her?????

Samantha said...

Jeff was my favourite reporter. How sad that he should leave in this way!

shasha said...

correct me if am wrong, but i thought when one is raped, they are supposed to report to police not write letters to the BOSS and open blogs! there is something more to this KOINANGE/MARIANE saga than meets the eye.

mariane's allegations reek of revenge and the need to promote her book!

cb said...

the sacking of jeff hurt me so much i felt i was jeff that had been sacked. verily, that briner chick was hired by american racists to break the african kid
that had for long hoisted the african flag at cnn. i won't write more for think about it sends madness racing in my soul