Wednesday, June 20, 2007


To not think these bad thoughts needs supreme will power. To not think these bad thoughts requires to take your mind away, move out of yourself and be gone like the student whose Biggie postered dorm room door is locked for the morning lectures, the dentist’s clinic closed for the Christmas holiday, the hotel with the For Sale sign up. To not think these bad thoughts, go…

Go on trips, go on mental migrations, go.

Or remain


In this Corona seated at the back in the corner, looking out, in the morning, Monday morning, 7:30AM, not listening: to the traffic snarl around the Queen’s Clock Tower, the hissing cyclists warning pedestrians’ out of the way, the taxi driver leaning out of his window to buy mulondo. Not listening, not hearing. Go

In the center of movement, sidewalk hurries to offices, find stillness

In the boy crouched over, face intent, red backpack with Scooby Doo leaning forward, maroon sweater, brown shorts, socks pulled, still, slowly one by one looping his laces into his new black Bata shoes Kiwi shoe shined to mirror brightness, stillness.

To not think these bad thoughts, find


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