Wednesday, May 16, 2007


This is for fun!

I was going to blog about 300, watched it and I was left temporarily dazed, did a stupid thing and went back and watched it over and the euphoria is gone. It seems I can’t get over this new, what shall I call it phase, of listening to the smarmiest of music. I was even caught listening to Milli Vanelli’s Girl I’m Gonna Miss You and had to go down a convoluted explanation road of how I actually wasn’t listening to a couple of white boys who could not sing but appreciating some underappreciated behind the scenes singers who made Milli Vanelli the flavour of the month sensation they were, Grammy swiping and swinging before some haters otherwise called whistleblowers decided to go into the kitchen of their singing and let the guests in the hotel gagging with their findings.

The whole 1980s music thing is upon me after a 1970s Rock music infatuation that left me this morning pain, a doctor plumbing away in my ear for things that gave me the shivers when I saw what he had extracted. The cause of my distress and why I have been moody of late, not drinking anything and eating less with half my face more immobile than a Communist guard's. I’m listening to Bananarama, Culture Club and think Boy George is wittier than many a musician I have read in print, and when he coons, “Do you really want to hurt me,” I know he is a gay guy but I just wanna hug him! I tell you these confessions are going to be the end of Iwaya but with my ears all almost back to full functioning mode, I’m glad to be discarding the new nickname I was getting at the office One Ear Iwaya, which I thought was kind of well very pirate-ish and reminded me that I should look up the latest instalment of the Pirates of the Caribbean now that Jamrose has gone and killed my appetite for Spiderman 3, even if I did not find Dead Man’s Chest interesting and the Depp affected acting got on my nerves with no further flourishes on display. Can you keep up?

Affected acting though can be just the thing as Infamous proved, not only just charming me, but knocking me for I have not seen in a long time a movie that come so close to depicting for real how a writer’s life is. Infamous could possibly be the best movie about writing and being a writer ever made! It helps more that it is about one of my favourite American writers, the much excoriated and celebrated Truman Capote, who I do not love for that opus In Cold Blood but for his short stories (I own a tattered omnibus edition) and his travel writing. My God, could Truman write a travel piece and not just take you on the journey but make that journey an eternal part of your own experiences! And if you have never read his profile on the great Marlon Brando, you have never read how real writing is done! Once even, when I was still a university student, I discovered a book in the library of the Paris Review interviews with authors and Capote’s advice on how to end a story has never been bettered and he used an orange explanation of all things! Hoffman did a good job in Capote but Toby Jones IS Capote!

Before my visit to the doctor today morning, I went with two dear friends and bought my own copy of Infamous. There are not many movies I save on the hard disk of Betsy because only the best deserves to be retained, but Infamous is getting saved. I loved, love, and know in ten years time I will still love Infamous. This movie is about us!

One Ear Iwaya: Ghost Story by Sting


Anonymous said...

yes, this must be the most self-absorbed piece of gargle waste ive ever read. Really man, you should go live life (not in your quasi-wannabe never has been celebrity shell). You sound like capote himself, in all his fagocity. No, i don't mean fag as cigarettes or as a slur against homosexuals, but fag as in a behavior, if you will (and I know you will. and do), of an aging effeminate woman in a man's body. my dear friends? I just wanna hug him? I hope, hope, hope, you are a woman. then all will be understood. but still loathed. look outside man, see the suffering we bring on each other. don't live in a movie world. be part of the world. and that means sometimes youre gonna get hurt from time to time. man, i can't wait for this country to fall on its knees. somehow, not too deep down inside, i think you can't either. and you'll be waiting with mouth agape.

scotchbiscuits said...

oh you mad and crazy one,the ear is better yay!
do not, do not, do not...even consider spiderman 3. because i'll say 'I told you so.'

The 27th Comrade said...

me and Capote never hit it off. Maybe because we met when I was still nursing a heavy obsession with South American writers. (I'm not claiming it is over.)

Anyway, the great music was made back then. '70s and early '80s. Then came good music. Now ... some signs of a rebirth of Great. I don't know why God feels I deserved to miss the '70s. Bar Amin, of course. :oD

Be silent said...

Thank you for the advise i shall therefore not watch spider man phew 10k saved

Baz said...

So, some Infamous?

(Does it beat Adaptation?)

Iwaya said...

@brandeau: can i give you a hug?

Iwaya said...

@Baz: I'mma hook u up. It's on that level,without a doubt!

and y'all: I'm gonna watch Spiderman 3 all the same!

Timothy said...

I've been in a smarmy music phase for most of my life. If it's smarmy, it's probably in my iTunes or back home in my old cassessette rack. Ok, I guess I do have my limits. Remember the group Linear with the song Sending All My Love. I always throw-up just a bit in the back of my mouth everytime I hear it comes. My favourite band of the 80s? The Jets: a huge family band of happy-music makin' teens.

Thoughts on Capote: I've read Breakfast At Tiffany's. It's a great book but was very misplaced at Aristoc--with the children's literature, bull dykes and all. Does anyone who works at Aristoc actually read? They always do that, even with authors I'd consider well-known. Go in there today, and you will find The Color Purple right next to The Princess Diaries. Back to Capote... I've not read anything else by him. I love the film version of Tiffany's too. I saw the film Capote but not Infamous, which I read was also amazing.

Iwaya said...

@Scotchbiscuits: I should have listened!!!! My God, the horror of Spiderman 3 is still with me, I can't wash it away! maybe i should try drinking it away?

@Timothy: apart from biographies, Aristoc is no longer my place to shop for books, downtown is, with the most exciting unexpected returns. I got my Capote books downtown and yes, maybe the New Yorker online still has that Capote profile of Marlon Brando, if you don't find it there, i might be able to help. you really should read it! i promise, it will be worth it, even if you may never have heard of Brando or watched any of his movies. that profile is amazing. and so are his travel pieces. i just whetted my appetite for a reread!