Wednesday, May 16, 2007

One of those Days, One of those Days!!

I have never been happier than I’m right now.

I think about unhappiness all the time.

There is something important I have not told her or you.

I think about the people who read this blog a lot.

I have met some of you but you did not know that I’m Iwaya.

I was outside Mateos when the first UBHH was held.

I walked from Dastur Street to stand outside Mateos and imagine what the first UBHH would be like.

In that moment I realized I was living an Edith Wharton novel, The Death of Innocence.

I miss Dee blogging regularly.

27th Comrade constantly amazes me.

I learn something new nearly everyday from Ernest.

Undo still knocks me out all the time and I can’t believe quite yet he is my friend and yet he is.

If there was one blogger I was given the chance to meet anywhere in the world, it would be Scotchbiscuits.

Kenyan Musing is my favourite Kenyan blogger though she blogs irregularly and she likes to pass herself off as an airhead. She’s far from an airhead.

My ideal party date, apart from Her, would be Cherie.

I’m glad everyday for Minty.

I’m sorry if I have not commented on your blogs as much as I once used to, but that’s blogger’s fault.

Can I say, I’m back?!


B n P said...

am i seeing double?lol i commented on this am sure...wheres the spookie averture, or is this a whole different space? mmmhh "confused"!


scotchbiscuits said...

pina coladas in the dark Iwaya. in this lifetime. okay?