Thursday, May 24, 2007

Micheal's Gone


    Your posts are too, too long.

  • You’re always writing about her in one form or another.

  • When you’re not writing about her, you’re writing like you’re writing about her.

  • I do not understand some of your posts.

  • Of late you’re blogging too much.

  • There is no reason why you should not attend the UBHH.

  • You’re not as good as you used to be.

  • You link more girls than guys, why?

  • I would like to see you blog more about something else than love.

  • You’re wasting your talent at that other job of yours, when are you going to leave?

  • When are you going to ask me out?

  • When are you going to let me read that novel of yours, I know there’s one!

  • Put up one picture of yourself, just one, you know you want to.

  • You said you were moving to, what happened?

  • How come you no longer talk about Felix, your cat, was/is he for real?

  • I would very much prefer to read a post titled A Day in the Life of Iwaya

  • Why did you say Never Date A Writer? Do you want to date one?

  • Where is Mataachi?

  • Who is your favourite, favourite blogger?

  • I hope all this is not going to appear on your blog because I will kill you!
Deluding Myself with: The Very Best of Sheryl Crow 2003


Cheri said...

So Iwaya, are u still alive? Assuming she was serious about the last line.

eddiie said...

Oh! i hope the guy is not goin to come back to blogging just to have a word with you.

countryboy said...

i want to swear that inktus is the "she said" heroine of this entry. and this is among your very best, for me.

Timothy said...

If it makes you happy, it can't be that bad.

Mother's response: Yes, it can.

I'd planned to soak up the sun this weekend, but it is no where to be found. More time to read or just sit around doing nothing--wasting time. I hate to feel like I'm wasting anything, so I'm also washing clothes while watching a Hilton sister get ready for jail. Lovin' mtv and free internet.

feather said...


Kenyanchick said...

Ha ha! Answer the questions!!

I too have been wondering about Felix. I demand an explanation.

Aseu said...

Yap, that's chicks...always nagging or bugging with endless questions. Need ideas for your next post? Answer the questions.;-)