Thursday, May 17, 2007

Like Magic

It was a toe stabbing stumble in the dark, a sober thought in the pause between Richots, a glimpse of light going through the tunnel, Dastur Street in the midday Kampala sun with nowhere to go but back to see you, everyone gone but you waiting for me, and I did not want to come back and I had to come back…then…

A Kampala day miracle…booming radio on the white bonnet of a saloon car trying to sell a DVD of the series 24, the music CDs and compact cassettes ignored, and from his radio hearts pouring into the street…

“I've been long, a long way from here
Put on a poncho, played for mosquitos,
And drank til I was thirsty again
We went searching through thrift store jungles
Found Geronimo's rifle, Marilyn's shampoo
And Benny Goodman's corset and pen

Well, o.k. I made this up
I promised you I'd never give up…”

Hear me calling to you! This is me talking to you, take my hand, you’re not alone…because…

"If it makes you happy
It can't be that bad
If it makes you happy
Then why the hell are you so sad..."

My greatest happiness was in contemplating reminiscing when I was happy…

"You get down, real low down
You listen to Coltrane, derail your own train
Well who hasn't been there before?
I come round, around the hard way
Bring you comics in bed, scrape the mold off the bread
And serve you french toast again

Well, o.k. I still get stoned
I'm not the kind of girl you'd take home.."

You’re the girl I was looking for, more than a girl, the lost splinter of my soul, wandering all the years of my life over the earth and back again…

"We've been far, far away from here
Put on a poncho, played for mosquitoes
And everywhere in between
Well, o.k. we get along
So what if right now everything's wrong?"

I turned around for you. You’re the One. I turned around for you.


Rae said...

The lost splinter of my soul, I love that line...may borrow it sometime! a well written piece!

Jasmine said...

i thought of you when i found that.

Iwaya said...

@Jasmine: do you have any clue how long I have been looking for that site? you like became one of my favourite people! your bill...?

modoathii said...

my brother from another mother...ugandan in this case...i just thought i'd say that.

it's been a while since i visited this place. nice to see thee juices are still flowing...

The Pseudo-Independent said...

I love your metaphor. This is magic! Those words are like a symphony and read like poetry.
I have to run and hope to see you around.