Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Recently, I suffered one of those shocks I will never quite get used to. Not many people have heard of Undo. I’m still getting over that one! I read him everyday though he blogs like a ruminating monk! Coming out once in a long while. But those brief jaunts of his into the sun outside his room make up for it. Can I say it again like a prayer? Undo is one of Iwaya's must reads and when I’m in a café with five minutes to go, he is one of the five blogs I spend a minute each on, humming Sheryl Crow’s Leaving Las Vegas, that drumming thump of departure, because nobody knows better than Undo what it means when, “I’m stuck in the middle of the desert ... waiting for my ship to come in. Take this loser hand and make it win!”

For 10 glorious days before my business instinct kicked in again, I was the proud owner of a Samsung E 800. Believe me, this is going somewhere, I think. Or maybe not. Because I have been listening to Third Eye Blind and that that genius lent me and now I can’t stop listening to Losing A Whole Year, the same exact time, that Ivan said hey this way, and I found her! The girl who reminds me of a girl I once knew who whispered, choking back tears, “I hope you take a piece of me with you...” while “the cigarette ash flies in your face…” and with her it was cool to sleep with an ex, solely for the sake of the abundant sweetness he possesses, well now, I remember the young Madonna before Ritchie.

(UNRELATED: I’m lining up my finances to buy an original copy of Showgirls, a movie some have said is so bad it is good, one of my favourites. I know some of my tastes really suck (hehehehehehe!), but I think I’m in the camp of defenders, because I have visual memory and I never forget, how could I forget those oil fields on fire in the evening, truck travelling with nothing but hope and eyes as wide and gleaming in the night like milk filled saucers....)

I’m nostalgic, looking back, ruminating, reading through old notebooks of five years ago, scribblings I made when I did not know if I would be going back home that night or if a friend said we have a ride to Congo, I would without heart pause clamber onto that battered green Tata truck because I was like that. I’m looking back, because of jewels of the past gleam still. I did not know he had started blogging again, but it was the muse of my days when I thought I could not bear to go home again, afternoons slumped in her couch gazing out of her living room window paralyzed, decided to start again that I knew why on December 31, 2006, wine in a glass, my arm around her, watching the sky by the lake, I knew this year would be a good year. I’m just riffing, you know. I get that like that, Richot thoughts on my mind. New distractions too many!

Like Timothy, a new delight. Timothy of the smarmy music who I’m yet to recommend after Truman Capote he should try and watch the movie Office Space because that is the knock down funniest movie about workplaces I have ever seen and there is this joke about Michael Bolton that…aw shucks! Go watch the movie! Nothing lasts forever but I still don’t know what to make of him except I have never read a blog post yet that talks about the merits of sunscreen and then flips to muse about Paris Hilton preparing for her jail term with a Holy Bible in hand. Tim the White Guy has been around too.

But if you have not heard of KenyanMusing, bury you! Hatchet you! You’re beyond my powers!

Leaving Las Vegas: Sheryl Crow

Losing a Whole Year: Third Eye Blind

The Duke in His Domain: Truman Capote

Office Space

PS: Blogger and I are wedded. I’m staying.


els said...

bucket's a swear word where I come from...appropriate?

Iwaya said...

@Els: bucket?! Tell me more!

Jasmine said...

you were not swearing? i really thought you were. lol.

els said...

bucket with an F...an expletive is born

Elle B said...

Hi. U wrote on my blog! Yipee! I think u have the soul of a girl. and that's a compliment. Very lovely writing. Am gushing, i know it but if u've evr doubted your value in the world of literature, doubt no more. Keep doing what your doing. Before I go, let me just say that I think my favourite post was 'Her favourite toy'. Talk about bittersweet! Bye

Cheri said...

By the power vested in me, I now pronounce blogger and u Hubby and Hubby.

Groom, you may kiss the Groom.