Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Something Magical Happened

It does not happen often that the guys over at IMDB agree all the way about a movie. But once in a while it happens because every once in a while, Hollywood delivers a movie so beautiful, so well intentioned, so against all the odds with the least expected comeback by a supposedly long washed out performer in the starring role that even the guys at IMDB are yanked out of their jaded nonchalance and clap, whistle and in the case of Rocky even shade a tear.

Yes, I watched Rocky Balboa last night and part of my treat tonight is a re-screening of this classic forming before our eyes. This raised gloves in salute to an era and an always woefully underappreciated icon Sylvester Stallone. It’s not just hats off gentlemen, its hearts out. The best comments so far on the phenomenon that is Rocky Balboa:

by marrio415 (Wed Jan 17 2007 05:15:54 )
for most of the movie i had to hold back even when he is shopping in the food markets just seein rocky back on the big screen words just can't explain he is an insperation a hero to the common man well all men if you ask me.This film had more heart than the top 100 movies of 2006 and probably 2007 to(with the exception of pursuit of happiness that to is an awesome movie)Also the t idiots who said why are people crying hey you guys probably cried when darth vadar died in guys need to get a life and start appreciating real movies not special effects driven dribble.ROCKY BALBOA movie of 2006 and 2007

by joe-1127 (Thu Jan 18 2007 13:31:39 )
I got misty eyed a few times especially when the main track is played!
The end credits are brilliant and just show how well loved Rocky is even to this day and can still inspire people to make something better of themselves.

by ashokatw (Thu Jan 18 2007 19:36:20 )
I totally teared up, it's true. Damn, what a surprisingly touching movie. Yeah, it was shamelessly manipulative, but I was moved even though I recognized what it was doing.

I might actually buy it when it comes out. It was really heartfelt.

It's pretty much the guy equivalent to chick-flicks. I was totally wrong for ever doubting this movie.

Tears were rolling down my cheeks as the crowd at the fight went wild after the final round. Rocky didn't even care about the judges' decision. He knew he'd won in the most important way possible. I guess it was a central message in the shouldn't care about what others think of you, only what you think of yourself. Self respect is the only respect that's worth a damn.

by ryjoco (Sat Jan 20 2007 14:20:33 )
I cried on multiple occassions, as have been mentioned.

Paulie: "Rock, this is the last round of your life."

You realised then that after this, you'd never see Rocky again. Also when he turned and waved at the grave the same feeling hit and that was a killer.

by thesparkyrowe (Sat Jan 20 2007 17:04:55 )
All the way thru, every line, every scene, every shot got me. And y'know what i don't care i don't feel any less of a man. It was like waving goodbye to places and people that had been in your subconcious since you were a kid. God bless Stallone for just writing from his stupid old clumsy heart rather than his head. He wrote it for the fans, not the critics and thats so rare these days. Anyway i'm going out to buy some more tissues, its been 32 hours, why won't it stop ???!!!???

by mjscarface (Sat Jan 20 2007 17:26:22 )
I got misty when Paulie broke down at the ice rink and when Rocky says how "it wasn't supposed to be like this Paulie".

At first, the idea of Adrian's death felt like a lazy plot device but when the film gets going we see how Rocky feels just as cheated as we do - especially when Rocky I and II are so centered on the love story and now it's all fallen to pieces.

The most downbeat Rocky but the most inspirational since the original.

by lockett_4 (Wed Jan 24 2007 03:03:49 )
I cried at the end. Saying goodbye to a guy who's been a hero for me was tough.
This movie definately showed that Stallone still as it.

by patrick-bateman (Thu Jan 25 2007 09:34:05 )

UPDATED Thu Jan 25 2007 09:35:32
I cried a few times....But the one that really suprised me, and made me thankful I was watching the perfect dvd pirate that is floating around,was after the film ends and the credits start to roll...It shows scores of 'normal' people climbing the steps in Philly and doing 'Rocky' style celebrations at the top. Dunno why this got to me as much as it did...Maybe I felt for the impact that this movie has had on it's fans..

I really hope I get to run up those steps one day..I can guarantee I will Gonna Fly Now on my mp3 player if I ever do.

Speaking of which...maybe the original poster should change the name of this thread to ..."Gonna Cry Now"


Reel Fanatic said...

I have to admit I was highly skeptical about this one going in, mostly due to just how thoroughly awful Rocky V was .. all the commenters here, however, got it dead right about this charmer

The 27th Comrade said...

Okay. I'll watch. Sure, the V thing I didn;t like. The IV thing I liked. This one ...

countryboy said...

am generally not a movie person; sitting through two hours,mbu, am watchin a movie remains the bane of my life. however, on monday i found the stomach to watch the 'last king of scotland' during the press screening at cineplex cinema. i must say i fell right for it. i would love u, iwaya, to watch this movie and tell how u found it. then i'll comment.

Iwaya said...

CB, I did watch Last King of Scotland already, like two weeks before it got officially into Kampala and I was having quite a furious argument with a blogger who won't yet tell me what is the URL of her blog. She was outraged that Ugandan women were portrayed as promiscious in the movie and while i hadn't thought about it that way, it gave me a hmmm pause. I mean what kind of charmer can you be to meet a woman on a bus and two hours later you're at it like a pack of rabbits. and this is a white guy she has never seen and will probably never meet in a society that was more rigid back then than it is today?

that however was not the first of my quibbles about the last king of scotland. i think any fair review of this movie should begin by talking about the things the last king does not do. like it does not explain the origin of the monstrosity of idi amin, that it does not adequately develop the main doctor character despite the fact that well he is supposed to be propelling the movie, that Kerry Washington was all wrong and lacked the legendary spunk and sassiness Kay Amin possessed in abundance from all the reports of peeople who knew her, that there are some damn good ugandan actors, that no review will prepare you for the bravura performance Forest unleashes, that this movie also fell for the old line that Amin might have been a physical coward despite the fact that the man was a BOXING CHAMPION NINE YEARS IN A ROW and rose through the ranks in the army on genuine merit from nothing(how could he have been a coward then???)...but i could go on.

all that said, i completely enjoyed last king even if a stunning last scene will remind you that there is no replacement for the original himself, Amin was one of a kind!

if you're all wondering why i didn't just make this an entry, that's simply because blogger is being temperamental and insists i must sign in with google and that ain't happening soon, might even relocate to a blog provider not this tyrannical if necessary. or blog via my comments section!

which brings me back to Rocky, and assurances CB, you'll love this movie. You'll love it! you don't need to have watched the old Rockys to. It's a film for the ages!