Wednesday, January 10, 2007


She said: “Shall I keep on my shift?”
I said: “Never can a woman make a lovelier gift.
Than utter nakedness.” O! short-lived days of Spring!
That start with laughter, and end in pandering.
Joy! Ashtaroth unmasked: Ecstasy, Isis bare.
Have you at times looked at a rising star?
A gorgeous spectacle! “Well, here I am!” said she
And thus did Venus stand for Adonis to see.
Victor Hugo (Nuda)


minty said...

And the audience went, "ooooohhh, aaaaahhh".

Not to forget, Sokies!!

Just Rich said...

I cant help thinking of Victor and Hugo: Bunglers in crime, when i hear about Victor Hugo. sure rocked it with this, though.

Now to get to imagining...oh Venus, behave!

The 27th Comrade said...

`When a woman makes you think of Greek Mythology,' said Vladimir I. Lenin, an African philosopher, circa 27BC, `you are locked in love.'

Somebody save this boy.

Be silent said...

am zozzled

Goddess of Sorts said...

did u know that the Godess who the Greeks called Aphrodite in their mythology and the Romans called Venus was called Isis by the Egyptians, Ashtaroth by the ancient Babylonians and... (here's my point)... Ishta by the Assyrians??