Thursday, November 30, 2006

I Got Mine! .... You?

Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Well now that it's been gone for quite a while I can talk about it. If you were sick, perverted or just this borderline of insane, werewolf sleepless and curious, you certainly were once there. I call it Paleos because I still somehow harbour this crazy hope that this club will one day again like a phoenix rise to entertain like it did me in my time when I needed such entertainment (God knows, I needed it!). In the years before anyone had ever heard of Shadow's Angels or worse cross dressing Amanda's Angels and when New Life Bar in Nakulabye was just another bar with a wonderful second story porch view of a trading center that never completely goes to sleep with always one more rolex maker at his coal ember glowing sigiri stand tirelessly rolling and a one door small pub holding out with spirit addled patrons leaning like shot soldiers in their groaning blue plastic chairs out for the last still mumbling customer was still nothing special and Sax Pub was more frequented by bored journalists who needed three beers and a shot of Uganda waragi before they could go outside to whisper to the women of the night their ten second needs furtively fulfilled in the corridor behind Sax Pub, Paleos was there and I was a member. Never planning to be. From the night I came late with a friend already a member from a Miss something beauty competition at Africana Hotel and it was already 3am in the morning, no point going home when we were so awake, he suggested just the place to relax better where the beauties were not on some distant catwalk but finding you in the member's only upstairs lounge for a drink came into your unlit corner and curled across your lap like you were the most comfortable fur sofa they had ever lain upon. No rules here, no names mentioned, no need for words. At Paleos. So long ago that it’s nearly four years ago that Paleos ceased to exist.

In tha Dome: Wild 2 Nite! By Shaggy featuring Olivia

Because of 2 Peas

Many times when you hear “he rose from rags to riches to where he is now”, it is often not true. It is an exaggeration. But in David Katumwa’s case, it is an understatement because he did not just rise from rags to riches to owning one of Uganda’s leading sporting goods store, Katumwa Sports Center. Katumwa did not even have a rag to start with.

“I grew up in business into a businessman in a very poor family because I never grew up with my mum and my dad. They did not want me. I grew up with my grandparents but not the only grandchild of their feckless grandchildren they were looking after. I was the very first child my parents had and you see, they were still very young when they had me. I don’t think they had planned to have me, I was a mistake."

"Although my father was well educated up to University, he was studying further and my mother was still studying in secondary school. They were just having fun and they didn’t mean to be with each other forever, to get married and settle but there was an accident and I was conceived. Because they were still very young and they had not meant to always be with each other, they had disagreements before I was even born. They were fighting and just as when two elephants fight, it’s the grass that suffers, I suffered. Desperate, angry with my father and not wanting to look after me herself because she still wanted to live her own life, one day when I was just six months she took me to Namulonge, dumped me at her mother’s house and never came back for me. I never saw them again.”

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Hey Ya, What Do You Know?!

  • I’m still madandcrazy! Not as confident I used to be, wildly swimming in unchartered waters without a lifebelt, but trawling on nevertheless, LA's example an inspiration, things done changed, I tell you!

    Sometimes I wonder about the direction my life is taking and if it is the right one. I know it is the right one and I have chosen it but still, some mornings, in the dark in bed, before curtain edges begin to lighten, I wonder.

    I have been to the same church three times this year, each time unintentionally, though no one forcing me there. The most peaceful I have felt was walking to this church in the cold morning through the dew speckled grass and then walking back, stopping at a TOTAL petrol station to buy the day’s newspapers, a man walking home on Sunday morning after church, to see her.

    I’m afraid of success. I think it will destroy me. All my life I have been trying very hard to fail. Most of the people in my life will not let me fail and have frustrated me at every turn. I'm only still coming to grips with the reality that I was born to succeed.

    Aubade is my favorite poem. I hate it that Aubade is my favorite poem. I was 16 years old when I first read Aubade, a culled portion in a St. Paul Christian text book I found my eldest brother’s library cupboard. I was home alone that afternoon, waiting for the advertisements in between Neighbors to end so I could begin watching again on his 15-inch Panasonic black and white TV. I was supposed to be sick, off from school.

    I constantly think about deleting this blog not because I’m tired of writing in it or I’m afraid at some future date when I’m much older, something I wrote in here maybe used against me or used to bring me down in some way but because it’s just something I have been doing for so long. I throw things away before I can care too much about them. I’m afraid I maybe losing that ability.

    I’m ‘wiser’ in my writing than I am in real life. I still cannot understand how this can be. Strange. But it has helped me understand what DH Lawrence meant when he said trust the tale, not the writer.

    I have been an interviewee, at least as far as I can remember, four times on radio, Countryboyi’s Campus radio interview included. The interview I enjoyed the most was
    Countryboyi’s in which I’m afraid I may have said a little bit more than I meant to and now he’s blackmailing me. At least once like every three months, I meet someone who says they heard me being interviewed on BBC radio, an interview I did straight off the streets into their Clement Hill Road Kampala studios. I will be interviewed on Radio Sanyu when a story I wrote in October will be running in December. I don’t know how to get out of it. I don’t want to do interviews anymore. I talk too much when someone gets me started on writing and what it means to me.

    I have known since I was 12 I must be a writer.

    The most important year in my life upto this moment was 2003. I met my girlfriend,
    Baz, Hipflaskswigger, and Undo became a very close friend. They have all radically altered my life. Undo patiently talked me into writing again after a two year hiatus in long Saturday evening walks from his hostel in Makerere Kikoni just below El Shadai, Hipflaskswigger made me finally see why my writing had stalled through many beer drinking Larkin quoting nights in a bar on Dewinton Road, Baz with pithy one liners provided the avenue, and she undamned me. She undamned me.

    Tonight we will meet the first baby in my family since June 1986 when my little brother was born. I’m going to become an uncle! And my parents’ grandparents! Shit, we're getting old... You cannot even begin to imagine how excited I’m! Okay, maybe if your big brother has had his first son or daughter, then you might know. Anyway, tonight I find out if I have a niece or nephew, the littlest and newest December addition to the family. A November baby like our Dad, well now there’s a thought! Can Christmas be anymore joyful?

Can't Get My Mind Off Of: Racing in the Street by Bruce Springsteen

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

back from the brink in the ring

I was born madandcrazy, never pausing for thought, until I nearly lost you. Now I don't know if I'm crazy anymore or mad enough and I don't know who I'm without you. I'm lost, my soul on ice, figuring the new me out.