Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Well now that it's been gone for quite a while I can talk about it. If you were sick, perverted or just this borderline of insane, werewolf sleepless and curious, you certainly were once there. I call it Paleos because I still somehow harbour this crazy hope that this club will one day again like a phoenix rise to entertain like it did me in my time when I needed such entertainment (God knows, I needed it!). In the years before anyone had ever heard of Shadow's Angels or worse cross dressing Amanda's Angels and when New Life Bar in Nakulabye was just another bar with a wonderful second story porch view of a trading center that never completely goes to sleep with always one more rolex maker at his coal ember glowing sigiri stand tirelessly rolling and a one door small pub holding out with spirit addled patrons leaning like shot soldiers in their groaning blue plastic chairs out for the last still mumbling customer was still nothing special and Sax Pub was more frequented by bored journalists who needed three beers and a shot of Uganda waragi before they could go outside to whisper to the women of the night their ten second needs furtively fulfilled in the corridor behind Sax Pub, Paleos was there and I was a member. Never planning to be. From the night I came late with a friend already a member from a Miss something beauty competition at Africana Hotel and it was already 3am in the morning, no point going home when we were so awake, he suggested just the place to relax better where the beauties were not on some distant catwalk but finding you in the member's only upstairs lounge for a drink came into your unlit corner and curled across your lap like you were the most comfortable fur sofa they had ever lain upon. No rules here, no names mentioned, no need for words. At Paleos. So long ago that it’s nearly four years ago that Paleos ceased to exist.

In tha Dome: Wild 2 Nite! By Shaggy featuring Olivia


Mr. Magoo. said...

wow. you actually enjoy "wild tonite"?
After that video premiered on MTV and BET it got yanked. The song wasn't hot and nobody was requesting it.
Around here that whole album was a total dud.

Iwaya said...

Mr. Magoo, now whatever gave u the idea that i follow MTV & BET rankings when i pop in my CDs? Shaggy is one of the Kings!

Mr. Magoo. said...

Ok. That is not what I meant.I love Shaggy. No. I love all reggae artistes.I was never a hiphop head, but I have always been dancehall-minded.

I know I loved some songs from the Clothes Drop CD like "ultimatum", "ready fi di ride", but in my view "wild tonite" sucks.Majorly. Just Shaggy toasting on and on incoherently.Actually that is what cost him. If you realize most hit dancehall songs have simplified patois.
For a dancehall song, "wild tonite" even lacks a groove.

The only redeeming features about it, is the guesting by Olivia and the slick Little X helmed video where -Little X,my fave video direcor- also makes an appearance.

Mr. Magoo. said...

Actually, forget about the post above.
I should know. There should be no argument whtasoever regarding matters of taste.

I am sorry. I should respect your taste. Iwaya, I am sorry.

scotchbiscuits said...

those people who 'curled across your lap';they are the ones who gave poeple ideas that feline and female go together. Now I know who to blame!

Goddess of Sorts said...

i'm almost jealous. of you. and a bar like Paleos where you could 'belong'.

countryboy said...

for me am jealous of the nice pen with which he enthralls us! u've been there, u've done it all, it seems, yet u almost carry yourself like a rev. father. encountered gd many good story tellers? practicing too much fiction? i don't kno but we're likin e stuff

Degstar said...

4 sure dat bar closed? 4 ever? 4 ever ever? damn, dats a damn shame dat is!

Iwaya said...

and to compound my misery, i'm not even allowed to touch a drop of alcohol anymore!! orders from above.

Iwaya said...

"No rules

Paleos oh nostalgia! I once enjoyed thee.

January 2005 somewhere around 20th, I saunter to New life Bar for that attraction known as live band. Heavy on two pilsners, I sidle through the darkness and noisy mass of revelers to the counter.

Waiter, I blurt. Give me water. Order with kashi. Came the curt answer. I fork out 10K and hand it to her.

She thrust the money to the cashier and it took eternity for my order to arrive. Finally. How much money did you give (sic). Cathy asks me. Yeah her nametag suggest so. 10K. I reply. No, you gave me 5K. She thrust the balance at me and a bottle of Rwenzori mineral water.

My gosh! I protest, bust through the crowd to the managers office. Do you guys sell water at 5.5K in place? I inquire. No sir. Replied the boss. I want my balance, that Cathy b!!!!????? !!!.

Get out of face. The manager shouts at me. Never been back.

This year one memorable event. You see Lawrence is a man who wants yes for an answer, especially when the pocket is itchy. So, we set out for fun in the night. Passed police drunk-driving-patrols, veryfast to Sax pub.

I had heard of the beauties of this place and the enigma that it is. The scribes, the ladies, the askaris, the traders, the students, the civil servants, the spies the generals and them all get a piece of the action. So be it I will enjoy.

Larry finally screeches the 1.5 cc to halt and I bolt to ease the bladder. I flew past the cardbox and lo! Her face in my face and his to the wall. She moans and sighs, he grunts oblivious to my intrusion.

You. Get out. Can’t you this is a lodge. A man in black uniform nudges me from the reverie.

I mutter something and fly somewhere. Phew! Oooh."


bantutu said...

Am taking Modo's cue,coming to Uganda...