Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Because of 2 Peas

Many times when you hear “he rose from rags to riches to where he is now”, it is often not true. It is an exaggeration. But in David Katumwa’s case, it is an understatement because he did not just rise from rags to riches to owning one of Uganda’s leading sporting goods store, Katumwa Sports Center. Katumwa did not even have a rag to start with.

“I grew up in business into a businessman in a very poor family because I never grew up with my mum and my dad. They did not want me. I grew up with my grandparents but not the only grandchild of their feckless grandchildren they were looking after. I was the very first child my parents had and you see, they were still very young when they had me. I don’t think they had planned to have me, I was a mistake."

"Although my father was well educated up to University, he was studying further and my mother was still studying in secondary school. They were just having fun and they didn’t mean to be with each other forever, to get married and settle but there was an accident and I was conceived. Because they were still very young and they had not meant to always be with each other, they had disagreements before I was even born. They were fighting and just as when two elephants fight, it’s the grass that suffers, I suffered. Desperate, angry with my father and not wanting to look after me herself because she still wanted to live her own life, one day when I was just six months she took me to Namulonge, dumped me at her mother’s house and never came back for me. I never saw them again.”


scotchbiscuits said...

so does he confirm that hype we learn in psych 101 about the tendency to overachieve as a way to compensate for the inbalances/irregularities in our past?

Iwaya said...

Scotchie, in his case i can confirm it does 100%!

I was however queasy about including his raw views about women. even for my broad and sympathetic palate, they were abit this too far of the conservative side. i still cringe when i reread my notes about what he really thinks of women. yes, i did the interview.

Cherie said...

That speech....who wrote it for him?

just wondering!

But that mansion is wow!!! Are there riches to rags stories??? are u?

Cherie said...

But that man is a show off- he even has a photo(his)on the sports center's sign post. He put himself on a billboard!

Just sayin!

Iwaya said...

@Cherie: barely hanging on!!

minty said...

from the mega thesis he presents on his early years, I just know his views on women have to be crass and tasteless

Iwaya said...

@Minty: do you think his views are justified?

John Lu said...

hello David

I am John Lu ,we meet in Shenzhen conbo company's gate last week,do you remember?

you are so famous in Uganda,that is why you tell me remember your name.

anyway,good luck for you.