Wednesday, October 18, 2006

On My Wall Hangs a Poem That Reminds Me

The outside world pressures you into a mold,
but if you don't accept that-- gamble with life.
Call it gambling.

You know when I decided to become professional--
that means to expose yourself naked to the world
with the other creative minds,

I said, "I'm going into areas I don't know
I might just fall right down to hell and kill myself."

And I said, "Well, who cares?
I'd rather do it and see what it's all about."
I don't want the safe way.

The safe way limits you."

Louis Nevelson


Goddess of Sorts said...

yes. "do it and see what it's all about." wise words.

this is why i do most of the things i do. just to see what they're about...

petescam said...

good blog, I like your style of writing. Greetings from New Zealand.