Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Back Tonight for the First time I Get…oh hell Blog Again Step-Child!

A true story

I’m not a guy who asks me too much of this life. All I need is a room and peace of mind to write, two daughters and maybe a son with the good woman who gave them to me, and for their sakes to not be poor but neither either offensively wealthy. Only to be rich enough to provide them with the kind of life that enables a frame of mind with which each of them can believe and know they can do and be anything in this world of their choosing. Simple wishes then. But it’s the simplest dreams that struggle hardest to come true.

In my world there are malevolent forces always primed to squat hard on these simple entertained musings. Once it was the daemon of laziness in me, an attitude of mind that celebrated short-term pleasures over enduring long-term gains, an inner back alley Molotov wielding anarchist torching the stores of my own dreams, before she came into my life. Unexpectedly it was in school too from the sneering lips of thwarted stunted lives with quarts of Uganda waragi bottles peeping from worn trousers in front of classrooms with dull-minded deskmates who couldn’t understand why I got it before the teacher explained it. Too many times too, it was the people I worked for who spoke of their workshop as a “family” but paid too little to keep the family fed. Sometimes too, painfully, it was a friend become blood brother. But never before, in my own life, was Judas the bank. Like Nile Bank that out and out robbed me last week.

One of the rules in my life, after witnessing the tragedy of a family friend and the others I see around me everyday like end of the week bus wreck in the process of unfolding, is to never let money and the hunger for money rule my life, “Cause money's like a strong prescription drug, it's got me addicted to the pleasure and the pain it inflicted Somethin bout the paper wit the pictures of the president's, head Damn, it's like a motherfuckin plague!” And yet from time to time in the temple of Mammon, for my loved ones, I worship too.

Lately because of my big November plans, my ardour has been more intense than a Namugongo Martyrs’ Shrine pilgrim who won’t be distracted. And frowning annoyance at petty amounts of shs. 5000 and shs. 10,000 that always seemed to be missing from my Nile Bank ATM account from time to time has turned into saliva frothing rage because the nibbler at my account this time bit off a whole chunk.

On the evening of Friday (I know, how clichéd) 13th October, I went to my Nile ATM account all geared for a roistering weekend, backpack slung over my shoulder to discover that shs. 120,000 is missing from my account! The bank claims the impossible, that either I withdrew the money off the ATM or someone used my card on the 10th October at 12:30pm. A finicky lifelong habit of retaining for at least a month all kinds of receipts I receive disproves I may have withdrawn that money and forgotten all about it because I have all my month’s receipts for deposits and withdrawals and there’s not a date in them that I don’t remember ever, itchy-fingered, going there. My ATM card never left my wallet unless it was to be slotted into the ATM machine by myself all this time. But the bank insists the money was withdrawn using my card and it is I who withdrew it. There is nothing they can do for me. I’m still in shock.

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Goddess of Sorts said...

Nile Bank eh?? nothin commercial with the word 'Nile' in it can be any good huh?

Not Nile Bank, not Nile Special...

(loved ur 'simple life' dreams tho)

Iwaya said...

@Goddess: I thought i was being patriotic when i looked round back then and decided i would open an account in the only local bank, subscribe to utl for a phone line and buy only local. i thought i was being patriotic. now...

Jay said...

That is one major chunk of dough to lose fwaa.

Have you thought of taking somebody at the bank hostage (preferably the bespectacled manager) until they get you your dimes back?

Just Rich said...

Fuckin banks!
Thats why i dont ever save my money. no siree, i spend it as i get it. Yes, sir.
...okay that aint true. I have a gambling problem.
I 'm with Jay on this. Hold the bank accountable, thats all i'm saying.

countryboy said...

i was really enjoying e broth until bank guys spoiled things. once my bro posted 0.4m using his ATM but e bank registered 0.3m. when he filed a complaint they said that was that & cdn't help him. in fury he withdrew all his bucks & said bye-bye to Stanbik bank. & most recently my cousin withdrew 20k of which 10k was counterfeit. & today at exactly 4:49 p.m i entered Post Bank Wandegeya Branch 2 receive some money from Western Union but cdn't b served 'cause there was no power. man, i've so many ugly things 2 say about our banking system but maybe that cd be a blog entry for another day.

Degstar said...

i was gonna tell ya to change banks den i read CB's post. man, i'm with HFCU and thus far they've been good to me, even though we have only 2 ATM machines.

Y'know what, raise a stink man!
Write to Gunilla Ouko d PRO n complain. dere was a time wen i was getting dimes from Western Union -affiliate of Nile Bank- and the chick played my 20k. first tym i'd walked outta d bank n counted d kala from home so i swallowed. 2nd tym i counted d kala at d counter n indeed she was trying to play me!

dude, i asked for my money!
after 10 mins she coughed up and i swore never again. so my brother, its ur hard earned money, bust a cap in someone's ass for dat dough.


Iwaya said...

did anyone see the Red Pepper headline abt 12 billion up and walking out of Stanbic bank? Lotsa people are going to find huge amounts missing from their accounts, from the way i see it.

Ahimbi said...

Sorry about the loss of cash, my suggestion is that you write a formal letter and copy in their auditors hehehe.... That should get them panicking.