Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Life Plan

I want a house by the beach with a writing window facing the lake, a good woman to make love to, two daughters at bedtime to read to, and always I want to hear this because…

It keeps eternal whisperings around
Desolate shores, and with its mighty swell
Gluts twice ten thousand Caverns, till the spell
Of Hecate leaves them their old shadowy sound.
Often ‘tis in such gentle temper found,
That scarcely will the very smallest shell
Be mov’d for days from where it sometime fell,
When last the winds of Heaven were unbound.
Oh ye! who have your eye-balls vex’d and tir’d,
Feast them upon the wideness of the Sea’
Oh ye! whose ears are dinn’d with uproar rude,
Or fed too much with cloying melody---
Sit ye near some old Cavern’s Mouth and brood,
Until ye start, as if some sea-nymphs quir’d!

On the Sea
John Keats


scotchbiscuits said...

two words for you/John Keats:
beach bums:)

Goddess of Sorts said...

wen i first saw and heard Bujjagali falls, i remember thinkin "so, this is why early man made nature his god..."

"Oh ye! who have your eye-balls vex’d and tir’d,
Feast them upon the wideness of the Sea’ "

that's what makes it hard to not bow down and worship the water like they did... and i decided, wen i die, i want to my ashes sprinkled in those waters...

Just Rich said...

Being that close to the sea would remind me that i cant swim and i'd have to go learn how to. I wouldnt mind some sea nymphs, though. A coupla of em, maybe a trio of 19 year old sea nymphs. That'd be great, you know what I'm sayin?
Nymphs means what i think it means, right?

Eddie said...

Have you ever heard that ghosts reside near waters? Lake side residing is only for the western world, otherwise for Africa,....take careful steps

lissingmink said...

...It keeps eternal whisperings around... parallel worlds!!

i loove the sea; anytime...i dont know about the two daughters; but you can read me the bedtime stories... anything to live by the sea!

Iwaya said...

@Scotchbiscuits: now that is truly a lovely and priceless image of fun-loving John Keats! I'm going to treasure this for a long, long time.

@Inktus: we worshippers two!

@Just Rich: yo! Didn't hear what nearly happened to Odysseus?

@Eddie: we should go for Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man's Chest!

@Lissing Mink: We'll take a coupla bottles of good gin, suntan, beachballs, loaded down picnic baskets, shades, cellphones switched off and live it up!