Wednesday, September 20, 2006

bible times

TUPAC AMARU SHAKUR (June 16, 1971 – September 13, 1996)


(feat. Bad


Hand me a cigarette DAWG! [inhales]
They got me feelin crazier than a motherfucker
I got Bad Ass in this motherfucker
Makaveli the Don, representin the Outlawz
Bad Ass representin the L.B.C.
So what'cha wanna do? Y'know how we do it

[overlapping the Intro]

.. puffin on lye
Hopin that it get me high
Got a nigga goin cra-zy
Oh yeah, I feel cra-zy

Time goes by, puffin on lye
Hopin that it gets me high
Got a nigga goin cra-zy
Oh yeah, I feel cra-zy
(Tell 'em bout it)

Last year was a hard one, but life goes on
Hold my head against the wall learnin right from wrong
They say my ghetto intrumental, detrimental to kids
As if they can't see the misery in which they live
Blame me, for the outcome, ban my records - check it
Don't have to bump this but please respect it
I took a minus and now the hard times are behind us
Turned into a plus, now they stuck livin blinded
Hennesey got me feelin bad, time to stop drinkin
Rollin, in my drop-top Jag, what's that cops thinkin?
Sittin in my car, watch the stars and smoke
I came a long way but still I got so far to go
Dear mama, don't worry; I'ma watch for snakes
Tell Setchu, that I love her, but it's hard to take
I got the letter that she sent me, and I cried for weeks
This what came out when I tried to speak - all I heard was

[Chorus - repeat 2X]

(One, two, three, four)

I see bloods and crips runnin up the hill
Lookin for a better wayyyyyy..
My brothers and sisters it's time to bail
cause even thug niggaz prayyyyyy..
Hopin God hear me, I entered the game; look how much I
I'm no longer innocent - casualties of fame
Made a lot of money, seen a lot of places
And I swear I seen a peaceful smile on my mama's face
when I gave her the keys to her own house, this your land
Your only son done became a man
Watchin time fly; I love my people do or die
But I wonder why, we scared to let each other fly
June 1-6, '7-1, the day
mama pushed me out her womb, told me, "Nigga get paid."
No one can understand me - the black sheep
Outcasted from my family, now packin heat
I run the streets, a young runaway, live for today
When he died, I could hear him say, c'mon..

[Chorus - repeat 2X]

[Bad Ass]
God help me out here, cause I'm posessed
I need the root of all evil for my stress
Cause money's like a stong prescription drug, it's got me
to the pleasure and the pain it inflicted
Somethin bout the paper wit the pictures of the president's,
Damn, it's like a motherfuckin plague that spread
It's epidemic; forgotten, forgotten it got worse
I keep my head on straight, makin money cause it's cursed
Makin money makes a difference day by day so I gotta stay
paid, no doubt, day in and day out
This life is like a vicious cycle called fightin to live
No matter how hard you try, it's in death, you gotta die
A lot of my, peers didn't make it to the years to come
Did life doin right, or did life livin dumb
Who has the answers? I wonder; I turn to my elders
They aged and experienced, but they can't even tell ya
or tell me, that there'll be light at the end of the road
(Why?) Cause they don't even know
A million thangs run through my mind..
You ain't gotta be in jail to be doin time..

[Chorus - repeat 2X]

[Chorus repeats while Tupac speaks below]

I feel fucked up in this bitch.
I smoked half a ounce to the head
Chocolate tye, indo, Hawaiian, lambsbread, buddha, all that
I'm fucked up in this motherfucker, and Hennesey don't help
and Hennesey don't help - Thug Passion in this muh'fucker
Makaveli the Don puttin it down to the fullest, maximum
3 Day Theory - Killuminati to your body
with the impact of a 12 gauge shotty
Double-I slugs, no love, straight thugs
One time for my niggaz in the jail cell
(One time for my niggaz locked up)
One time for my niggaz doin life in hell
(One time for my niggaz and shit, one time)
One time for my niggaz in the jail cell
(One time)
One time for my niggaz doin life in hell
(One time for my niggaz locked down)
One time for my niggaz in the jail cell
(For my niggaz locked up, one time)
One time for my niggaz on Death Row
(One time for my niggaz on the Row)
For my niggaz on Death Row
One time for my niggaz livin, broke
(Westside, California style, L.A.!)
One time for my niggaz livin, broke
(You know what time it is, no doubt)
One time for my niggaz in the.. jail cell
(Get high, puffin on lye, wonder if it get me high)
(Yeah, yeah, crazy..)


Cherie said...

U, don't joke around with the bible!

countryboy said...

2Pac was a brother. I read stuff about him that humbled me. This nigga hustled to get where he got. And did u kno he remains in the Guiness World Book of records as the most successful gangsta rapper?
Not only that, 2Pac was a great poet (remember the rose that grew on the concrete?). But most of all, he was a revolutionary who, if music had not destoyed him would have become the first black president of America. In prison he studied Machiaveli to the extent that he altered that name & called himself Makaveli.
True his ‘ghetto intrumental’ was becoming ‘detrimental to kids’ because I remember reading about an American kid who shot one of his peers and when he stood before the courts, he confessed to have been influenced by 2Pac’s lyrics.
And wait! In Invisible Children, a documentary about northern Uganda, a 9-year-old kid is shown saying 2Pac was his icon. The boy believes that 2Pac is an incarnate that came back in the form of Ja Rule.
My best buddy Renee Emcee (thank God he got saved) was so hooked to 2Pac that he smoked weed everyday because 2Pac said ‘smoke weed everyday. Renee went ahead and formed the Anti Bitch Club (ABC) because 2Pac called women bitches.
And tattooed across 2Pac’s belly were words: THUG LIFE, a contraction for ‘The Hate U Give Little Infants F***k Everybody.’ Now, some of his fans have this tattoo on their bodies and spot his trademark bandanas and armbands in memory of their hero.
Yet,I still believe there was more to 2Pac than merely rapping about thug life, shooting, drug dealing and sex. That's the influence the brothers has on me.

Iwaya said...

@Cherie, dear, no disrespect was intended at all, believe me! in my own way, i'm a believer too.

@Countryboyi, thank you! you don't know how much i wish i could be so eloquent about what 2-PAC means to me. You have captured beautifully what i feel about 2-PAC.

baz said...

>>True his ‘ghetto intrumental’ was becoming ‘detrimental to kids’ because I remember reading about an American kid who shot one of his peers and when he stood before the courts, he confessed to have been influenced by 2Pac’s lyrics.

The point the line you quote makes is that it is not the songs that influence the kids. It is the circumstances in which they are raised, or the "misery in which they live" that creates the violence which is articulated in music such as Tupac's and which is practiced by that murderous kid. That is why he asks why you "Blame (him) for the outcome" and "ban (his) records" when the violent outcome and the record are both merely results of that misery mentioned.

Tupac wasn't a role model to be emulated. He was a very articulate songwriter, and he was an epic in motion but, as he often said, it is better for people to not be like him. Don't smoke weed everyday, go to school.

Don't get the game twisted.

baz said...

Iwaya, it is Christmas and I am Santyklaws:


I love the sheer musicality of this song. There is an sad jazz-blues piano following him on the verses, then a plaintive electric guitar on the chorus. The whole thing sounds like damn!

Goddess of Sorts said...

i never really liked Tupac's music when i was in school 'cuz i thought it was the reason a lot of ppl were trying to be who they weren't, and didn't think it positively influential.

it wasn't 'til i read his poetry that i held my hand to my beating heart, closed my eyes, and melted with flutters into love for the poetic and lyrical genius he posessed.

now, i'm down for that gangsta ghetto music dawg!

Goddess of Sorts said...

by the way baz, thank you for contributing to my music collection!!!

baz said...

My pleasure. As long as you don't think of me as the guy who gave you Tindatiine.

Eddie said...

Cherie you are right....i think you would have probably said "the dictionary times"...

He was the peoples love but relating him to the Bible?, i think thats a mistake bro however much you quoted it...

Eddie said...

To 2pac now...that guy was a hit himself

Before he stepped th studio, you would be wise to put the song on the billboards before they are released.

I loved his humour, with un measurable style.

He replaced peoples hearts beause he was himself peoples hearts....

I wonder whether he is dead beacsue he still releases Albums.

Iwaya, if you don`t mind, can you just explain for me that bit of him still producing hits??????

Just Rich said...

I think Pac had an incredibly unfair advantage over practically any other rapper in the hiphop game in that he was an actual poet and not just a great lyricist. Biggie, Jay, Em, Nas and so on have given us alotta great lines but Tupac, i feel, brought actual poetry to hiphop and thats why, dead or not, his songs still resonate.
Maybe the first 3 dimensional thug in the music industry. Cant believe its been 10 years, goddamn! Well, here's looking forward to his return on 07/07/07.
"Cos maybe if i tried to change/ who am i kidding, i'm a thug till i die, i'm a rider man!"

Goddess of Sorts said...

hey, thats wen the new harry potter comes out! 07/07/07!

coincidence? i think not...

Degstar said...

Its been 10 years already!


all my heroes gon on up to the thug mansion in the heavenly ghetto (mama its cold and i need a hug) so till we bounce in the flesh 'Pac, i'll pour out sum liqour 4 y'all.